Bethenny Ever After – Episode 2

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Bethenny and Jason buck heads over clothes. Then they are shown making up their bed together that is sweet.

Bethenny sees Nick (Nicholas Feitel) when out with Jason he had applied to be one of her assistants obviously he didn’t get the job as the illustrious Max won that honor.

Jason feels like the third wheel as Bethenny and Nick are having a food conversation. Nick is an avid foodie. Bethenny and Jason feel sorry leaving him behind. He appears to me a loner.

Jason states when Bethenny gets home she is no longer the celebrity. Ummm not really, the lifestyle that is afforded you is because of her celebrity. But I understand where he is coming from.

Jason’s closeness to his parents is an issues see last week Bethenny Episode 1.

Rachel Ray approaches Bethenny to have a makeover for Julie her number 1 assistant. Julie is pleasantly surprised. After the makeover, Julie looks amazing!

On a date, Bethenny & Jason role play as two strangers at a bar. LOL. This is too cute.

Bethenny’s therapist advises her not to speak to Jason at this time about her issues with their close knit family. Especially not when tipsy. Jason & Bethenny discuss their family dynamic. What is normal for Bethenny is not normal for Jason, they both need to work on this. The family issues Bethenny has worries me. I want her and Jason to work. But I am not therapist. But I can see Jason resenting Bethenny for her wanting to spend less time with his family.

Next week:
Business as Usual – Bethenny’s business ventures take an upswing, yet her margarita product isn’t progressing fast enough. Bethenny discovers liquor stores are slow to replenish inventory so she puts Jason on the case to solve the problem.

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