Bethenny Ever After: Season 3, Episode 1 – Recap

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Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

I have been excitedly waiting to see the new season of Bethenny Ever After. Let’s see how I feel in 60 minutes.

We get up to speed with what’s happened the last two seasons – “Success is not easy” a Jason Hoppy quote Love it!!! Loved seeing the scene from being at the SK plant again. You can still feel her happiness. WE GOT THROUGH THE STORM! We shall see! My fascination with Bethenny is that I want it all also.

Here we go; Bethenny starts at the launch of the Skinnygirl Sangria. From Rags to Riches story and with a woman got to love it. Bethenny is busy but Jason is always at her side. Jason saying that it gets “a little tiring I have to admit” is refreshing and honest. While at the launch Bethenny talks about how she should go to “Celebrity School…there might be rules.” I took that as we all could use a little lesson in grace. As she gets ready for the press she always says, I love you to Jason. How she handles the press the same questions over and over again about having another baby is beyond me. Yet, she answers each time like it’s the first time being asked.

Romance in marriage, business. Ok taking credit for Hoda’s relationship. Really?!?

You do see Bethenny with her “celebrity” friends more this season. It was nice seeing Shawn Rabideau at the launch party. Always love me some Shawn. What a GREAT cake. In comes another character in the play, Nick the food blogger, poor thing , I know Bethenny loves him, but truly takes advantage of him. Nick asks, “Anything you want to do with me”. Bethenny responds, “I’m a married woman“. You have to give it to her she sure has the one liners when she has the right straight man.

Jason pays the bills

Bethenny goes on to say that she never wanted to be in the gossip mags. She wanted to be in the WSJ (Wall Street Journal) and Forbes, business woman first. She had to be in the rags to get her to the WSJ. Again, I say smart women Bethenny. You sure do know how to play the game. In this fast paced episode to bring us all the shakers and players, we are now in Bethenny’s compact office. I remember when they first made that office in the Tribecca apartment and it was just Bethenny and Julie. Bryn, she is just so adorable. We hear the team talking about the need for more space. Jason is on the phone trying to broker the closing of their new dream home and Bethenny says how great it is except there is no outdoor space. I can relate to that. Oh Bethenny let Jason take care of the heavy business. Sitting at the kitchen table with the kids, phone and Jason trying to take care of business, it’s not a joke. So does she want to sabotage herself you have to ask? Most of us can relate signing a rent check two weeks late. Come on you know you have all done it at one time or another in your life. Another aspect of how I believe that Bethenny is keeping it real. There is a discussion about the now famous law suit (alleging Bethenny stole the Skinnygirl cocktail idea), and Jason reminds us of how the bad does come with money and fame. Necessary evils and people approach looking for handouts. Bethenny agrees lawsuit joke, which is the negative. Jason with a heavy heart says that you can’t even enjoy the success. As a business woman, I can agree with that statement fully.

Moving into the small office scene. This just makes her and us the viewers realize just how far she really has come. When you run out of room, you have arrived. Her staff keeps growing. Bryn is always around. Running an empire with no seats for every a**. Love the roller in Bryn’s hair. Julie, I can’t wait to see more of Julie. One hour, always the assistant. Without her Bethenny would be lost. Haven’t you always wanted to have a staff meeting while getting made up by a paid hairstylist, makeup artist and getting your nails done? Trying to have a sincere conversation with her staff while all this being made up is going on, I am guessing this is to again bring us up to speed on the people in her life. This conversation seems a little fake and forced, but that is Bethenny’s way of having a conversation. I love how Julie states that her relationship is in a good place just not in the same place. Julie does tweet about that a lot so it does weigh on her more than Bethenny may realize. Maggie the intern is doing a little, um a lot of kissing up. Maybe it is true, just came across a little bit much. Maggie watch and learn, watch and learn.

The Skinnygirl Yoga shoot

Bryn is so sweet and well behaved to be adjusted around a ton of people. Here we go another player in the new Skinnygirl Empire as Bethenny relates to it. Someone else kisses up. Wayne the driver. Have to say, you should be nice to the person that is signing your paycheck, but again a little bit much for my liking. Over to the Skinnygirl Yoga shoot for Health Magazine, this is where we start to see the trends starting to take shape. Bethenny talks to her hairdresser about how she is tired of being the villain in her marriage again. She is tired of hearing how perfect Jason is. Much more to come on this topic I’m sure. Every marriage has issues, in regards to how much time should be spent with as family time, and it is coming out in this first episode that Jason and Bethenny are still working on the in-law issues. She thinks that seeing her in-laws every 2 months is ok. It is ok if they live far away, but don’t they live only a few hours away?

Jason feeds Bryn

We go to the Kitchen – I love the Shrek head band on Jason. It truly shows just how much his little girl means to him. Family time in the kitchen, the best way to have together time and also have good conversations. Discussing sex again. Date night, yes your daughter pooping is a deterrent to marital sex. Parenting is a team sport, intimacy is challenging. Jason’s penis has cobwebs on it. Welcome to year 2 of marriage.

David Burke Kitchen lunch with Jake, Bethenny’s friend and they catch up with the apartment. Talking about hiring the fabulous interior designers and how they are slumming it being hers. Not true Bethenny, green as in money talks and nobody walks. I love how she talks about how it’s all about the closet. You know you have made it when you get that huge walk-in. We have just recently moved and I can say that IT is all about the closet. Ok and, laundry room. I’m going to skip over how she says that all roads lead to the vagina. You get that people?! The discussion about church being open every day of the week and saying that it’s open right now, priceless. I get that she has been naïve about buying her “first” home, but I have to add – didn’t she watch any episodes of Property Virgins?

We finally get to the therapists office, a Bethenny specialty. Dr. Amador discusses Bethenny and her losing her breath and the constant headaches. It comes out that she experiences shortness of breath when talking with Jason. It is true that they have only known each other for 2 years and it is very obvious that she is struggling with that. You can see that she is having a hard time dealing with being in a relationship-partnership and wondering if it would be easier to just give up. Every couple has to deal with finances, it’s all just relative, and some deal with week to week income and some deal with huge incomes. Doesn’t make it more stressful. Bethenny is honest enough to say that she wants to live in a fairytale land, not in the real world. She has trust issues; saying that they have only known each other for 2 years for me is a cop out. My husband and I got married after just knowing each other for several months and we have never had trust issues. You just know it when you get to it. When Bethenny talks about age I got it. Not at all about looks, but time is whipping by too fast. And, the sex talk again, the trend is building.

Lisa Lampenelli lunch. Another celebrity friend. The waiter is star struck and that was very uncomfortable watching. Lisa states she isn’t working on her marriage she works on her life. Enormous balls. I could have done without hearing about the “nut sack”, lol I do love Lisa’s comedy, but this was not the time to do a short set on TV. Ok, it did make me laugh.

Jason tosses Bethenny the keys to their new home

Keyes to the “new” home. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Happy smiles on getting the keys. Nice moment. Then it’s ruined that they can’t walk together down the street because she doesn’t want the paparazzi to get a picture of them both. Actually that is pretty smart. And, diverting from the paparazzi so they won’t know right away where they live, good thing, I almost feel sorry for them that they have to do that, but they do put themselves out there.

First new home purchase. I still remember that feeling. Good for you Hoppy’s. She is right, the way it is AWESOME, I would have died over this apt 2 years ago.

Bethenny will get the Mamma you have arrived closet. Of course Bethenny wants her first bought home to be perfect, wouldn’t you? When she stated that never in my wildest dreams would I be able to have an apartment to order, brought a happy smile to my face. I feel a sense of pride for her. When Jason and Bethenny go to have champagne and celebrate their new home, I love how they discuss what she used to pay in rent. Many of us have had that conversation of how we go from renting to buying. “No more hooking for rent”. Hey I’ve used that line! Then how Jason segways into the baby conversation by using Grandma and saying she thinks new home, new baby. Good one! They decide if it happens it happens, the best idea they had all episode. Then, the trend continues, let’s get back to having more sex. When Bethenny said that even if diamonds come out of your penis, she wouldn’t be having sex 5 times a week and I like diamonds, I spit my coffee out. I think that if diamonds were coming out, I would adjust, just me. What I took out of this scene is that Jason and Bethenny are so much alike and they don’t see it.

Bethenny & Jason are excited entering their home for the first time

So how do I feel after the first 60 minutes of the new season? Great! For me I will be happily waiting to see next week’s episode. I like Bethenny with all her quirks and one liners. Would we be friends in real life? Not so sure, but I do like how she entertains me. This season on Bethenny – I’m on board for the Bethenny ride! Bring it on!!!

Next Week:
Bethenny delights in a weekend getaway on Long Island with her closest gal pals. It’s all about sun, beach fun and clambakes, yet Bethenny reveals that trust issues hound her in the wake of all her success.

– Pamela Dryburgh

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