Bethenny Ever After | Season 3, Episode 12 – Recap

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Will he or won’t we, is this the week we find out if Jason is going to go full time with the Skinny Girl team? My humble opinion is that he should go full time! I have been saying this right along. Then again I am not a marriage therapist either, so I could be wrong. We shall see.

We begin at the Tribeca apartment and we find out that Maggie did in fact quit and she quit via e-mail. Maggie seemed over whelmed by this job. I love how Jackie is pushing Bethenny and Jason to make the decision on whether Jason is coming on board or not. Julie tells Bethenny and Jackie exactly what I said that Jason should come on board and run everything for Bethenny. Bethenny needs to get out of the day to day loop. Her company is getting too big for her to be involved in all the little details.

Now at the tile place, Bethenny doesn’t want her new apartment to be a “marble palace” although Bethenny wants a small bar in her dressing room. You go girl. Cute scene, Bethenny loves the tile guy because he has a full bar in the shop. Bethenny calls it the “Disco Tile Shop”. This is one time we actually see Bethenny and Jason enjoying each other’s company.

We are at “Yoga Works” and Nick is meeting Bethenny for some yoga time. Bethenny tells us that Nick hasn’t been working out but has found his inner Skinny Girl and promised to show him yoga. Have to give Nick credit for the courage to go to his first yoga class on camera. Not much to say here, it was pretty painful to watch Nick. Breathe Nick, breathe. Bethenny says it is difficult to watch Nick doing yoga. I totally agree. As we know, Bethenny is always trying to fix someone up and she explains to Nick that this is a good place to pick up women. Take a look around she tells Nick, there are mostly women here.

Back at the new apartment, we find out what the design is for Bethenny’s dream walk in closet. Bethenny makes me smile while she is talking about it and you can see and almost feel how excited and happy she is about this ‘closet’. She reminds me of me, where everything is labeled and in order. She is a folder, me too! My husband might not agree, but in my dream world I am as closet organized as Bethenny is.

Back at the Tribeca apartment Bethenny and Jason are discussing what to do now that they have to be out of this apartment. Bethenny suggests that they pay for the new owners hotel stay so that they could stay put until the new place is ready. Hearing this sounds good to me. Then they get into a conversation and Jason tells Bethenny that people are not taking his e-mails seriously. I find that hard to believe, but this is a good thing for Jason to see. If he comes into the business then they would take him seriously. He explains to Bethenny that he wants to be taken seriously and that he has handled most of the permits needed to get the new apartment going. Bethenny acknowledges this and gives him the house project as a whole now so that he can go and get done what is needed on his own. Guessing that they did work out something to extend their lease as didn’t we just find out a week or two ago that they were officially moving into the new apartment.

Still at the Tribeca apartment, we are brought into a Team Skinny Girl meeting at the kitchen table and this is where I am hoping we get into the thick of Jason coming on board. Why am I so obsessed with him joining this business? Here is what happens; Jackie Julie and Bethenny are trying to work on the schedule for upcoming tasks and the need for an intern through the holidays. Of course the topic of Jason making up his mind comes up. Jason states that he wants to work “with” Bethenny not “for” her. Bethenny says that it is ultimately her company and on some level that has to sit with Jason and she tells us that he needs to “buckle up his boot straps.” She tells him that he would be running everything not be an assistant. Jason’s big concern through this whole process has been that he is concerned for the relationship. He doesn’t want it to turn into an all business one. Really Jason, it already has.

Bethenny and her friend Jake go out on a Friday night girls night and it is too a drag queen place. The place is very festive and Bethenny says “this is what is going on while I’m at home tucking Bryn in”. We find out that Jake has been to some of these crazy places before and I’m not sure why we even care, but he is cute and seems to like a good time. After all it is a girl’s night out. Bethenny is letting loose and a woman well I think it’s a woman comes to the table to read their tarot cards. Jake is having a grand time and it is cracking me up. The woman reading the tarot cards says that this is a rewarding year for Bethenny because of her hard work. Then a balloon guy comes over to the table. Bethenny at this point asks “where am I?” It sure looks like the booze has gotten to Jake at this point and I have lost interest.

More interesting is this week’s visit to Dr. Amador as it is taking place again now that Bethenny is back from her vacation in Mexico. “How was Mexico” is the first question out of Dr. Amador’s mouth. Bethenny starts right out with her and Jason not getting along. Bethenny tells Dr. Amador that they argued but really did turn it around. Once again Bethenny discusses these important issues with Dr. Amador not with Jason. She admits that she wants Jason to be more involved and she wants him in “the full Monty.” Bethenny tells Dr. Amador that she wants Jason to be in and be as passionate about it as she is. Bethenny feels like that it is all about “her” stuff as it is her business. Bethenny feels that Jason will be happier if he comes on board. The doc says that if Jason comes on board it will become more about both of you and not just Bethenny. Dr. Amador discusses with Bethenny something that my husband and I have talked about many times; Jason wants more of the 50’s housewife type. Or the perception of a 50’s housewife. Bethenny seemed to understand this more than she usually lets on. Dr. Amador asks at the end, do you have an exit strategy if this doesn’t work out for either of you? Bethenny’s response after thinking about it for a few seconds is “no.”

Again back at the Tribeca apartment and Bethenny tells Jason that he eats all the food in the house and leaves nothing for her. What cracks me up at this point is that Bethenny says she buys herself snacks and then Jason eats them all. Jason says isn’t this my house? I would have told Bethenny to buy enough for both of us.

Jason tells Bethenny of the meeting he had that day with the contractors of the new apartment. As far as extending the lease Jason is telling Bethenny the options. They can move out and into a hotel or make the new tenants the offer to move them into a hotel and store their furniture and that way they could stay. They discuss how much money it would cost them in extra payments and decide to put the new tenants up in a hotel and pay for it so that they can stay put until the new apartment is finished. Good idea, what’s an extra 10 grand in the scheme of things at this point.

We keep going back and forth from the old apartment to the new one it is almost confusing and has one feeling like they are watching a tennis match. However, in the new apartment we are starting to see some work being done. When you walk in now you can see walls. To me it is finally starting to look like an apartment. The players involved in this renovation do a walk through and Bethenny seems happy about the progress and can see it turning into a home. Jason freely admits that he is the practical one and Bethenny is the creative one. In that sense they complement each other and Jason says it right “I need to figure out how to keep Bethenny happy while staying in a budget.” My thought at this point was don’t they have a budget in place already for this project? I know that all renovations go over budget but this one seems to be totally out of control.

After watching this episode I felt that it was filled with just that; filler except for a couple of places. For me that is a good thing. After seeing all the grief they have been giving each other it is nice to see them getting along. Bethenny wants to show us her all around life not just certain parts and I get that. Just sometimes enough is enough. She is one busy woman and it is nice to see that she is relaxing more now. Bethenny needs to have Jason more involved in the family business and Jason needs to realize this also. Jason you are a smart business man, let go of the ‘stereo types’ and get on board already!

After this episode we still don’t know what Jason will do about joining the “team”. Will have to wait one more week and I’ll be tuned in.

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Next Week Aspen-ational
Bethenny plans to give Jason an early holiday present, but the gift might backfire on her. Later, Bethenny anticipates the launch of a new cocktail flavor and she works on her relationship woes by using lessons taught to her by her therapist.

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