Bethenny Ever After | Season 3, Episode 13 – Recap

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We start out seeing Bryn and Bethenny meeting up with Brook the interior designer on the streets of New York City. Bethenny wants to go and check out artists that sell directly to the consumers on the streets of the City. As they are walking she asks a street artist what the cost of one painting is and he says $1500. Wow, who knew art off the street could start so high? Maybe that is the way New York is or maybe it is a sign of the times. Then they talk to another street artist as he has this unique American flag painting. I like it it is different but not seeing Bethenny’s new place yet, not sure where she will put it. Bethenny tells the artist that she wants this painting but not take it now, and he returns with let me swipe your credit card. American Express wants her to call because she is making a purchase over $1000, Bethenny says that she is wondering why her credit is being questioned. My thought is that they are watching the street vendor, not Bethenny.

What a big jump in timing, last few episodes they were all in summer clothes and now they are in winter coats and you are seeing the Christmas decorations in the city.

Breakfast with Bryn, Jason and Bethenny and Bethenny has an early Christmas gift for Jason to open. It’s a Mac Book pro for his new desk in the “office”. Jason is feeling overwhelmed about the new office and what that means. Working together will be a challenge Jason tells Bethenny as he sees her as his wife, friend and lover. He doesn’t want to lose sight of that and Bethenny goes into how Jason needs to be on board and if this is not what he wants, he has to figure out what will make him happy. She tells him she is talking to him not as his wife but as his friend. She is all grown up in this conversation and again, like that they are showing her as a strong yet caring woman and not always conflicted.
Jason is going to be making a big adjustment if he leaves his job he is leaving “his stuff”. Bethenny tells Jason that we are sending mixed messages to the team by Jason not making the decision yet. If he doesn’t want to work with Skinny Girl then someone else has to do the job. If Jason decides he doesn’t want the job, Bethenny tells Jason that the lap top is for the office. Lightening up the conversation Jason says that Jackie already has an iPad. This was a huge conversation that probably should have taken place months ago, but this is Bethenny and Jason and they do things and make decisions in their own time and way.

As if on cue, we are at Dr. Amador’s office and Bethenny wants a refund from the last session as she tells us that the Doc told her the decision for Jason to come on board was a “simple” one. She continues by saying that Jason has been working on my stuff and Jackie is learning the business. She goes onto convey that Jason needs to “rip off the band aid” and make a decision. Bethenny sees it that Jason already helps out when he can so he should just make it official. That is my opinion also, and always has been. Dr. Amador continues to say that this is still a simple decision. Then he gives Bethenny some hard but good advice that she needs to respect Jason and his thoughts more. Dr. Amador tells her that she is talking at him and not listening to his concerns. Bethenny makes a comment about how Jason is concerned that if he leaves his job he will be leaving his 401K and other benefits. She always is making it seem like it is about the money, or maybe Jason is and; well in a sense it is, but if they do break up it would be like any other marriage and business, they would split it all up. My hope is that they get past this and move onward and upward with this “family” business. Take a look at how well Rachel Zoe and her husband work together and for sure they had their moments about it too.

Julie, Jackie and Bethenny are in the Skinny Girl ‘war room’ and getting the plans ready for Aspen. Even though it is a quick scene between the team, it’s important as it sets off what is most important about this episode and what comes next, the ‘launch’ of Skinny Girl cocktails.

Before heading out to Aspen Julie and Bethenny are having a ‘final’ lunch alone. Julie tells Bethenny she is just a “bitchy” as she ever was. This gets no reaction from Bethenny and that goes to show once again just how close these two women have become. These two women have shared more in a few years than most friends share in a life time. As they discuss the different experiences that have happened over the past few years you get a few good laughs. It is truly a reminiscing time for these two women and look how much Julie has grown and matured during this time. Julie tells us that she has grown so much as a friend, assistant and Bryn’s Godmother. Yes, I feel like Bethenny right now and she is letting the baby bird fly on its own from the nest. Bethenny is very sad that this era is ending. Bethenny remember memories are good and that helps you move into the future.
Back at Bethenny’s apartment and Jackie and Dawa are essentially ‘styling’ Bethenny while she is planning her outfits for the big Aspen trip and again the theme for this episode is all roads are leading to Aspen.

The Skinny Girl team arrives in Aspen and what a suite they have. Also, we get the first look at the ‘Skinny Girl’ merchandise to be used for this launch. The custom snow board is pretty cool I have to say. Bethenny tells us that when this all first started they would go to a print shop in China Town to get the Skinny Girl items for events, now they arrive in Aspen and show up at the Hotel and there are fleeces and sweaters and custom made snow boards. Yes, Bethenny Skinny Girl has arrived.

We are getting a lot of Bryn this week and she just makes me smile. What a well adjusted baby she is. She is used to being around people and that is a good thing.

This ‘launch’ for Skinny Girl Cocktails is much bigger than even I expected. The Beam Company has put a ton of money into this you can clearly see. You get the true sense of just how big the Skinny Girl Company is becoming. Bethenny talks to Melanie the woman from Beam who has put this whole soiree together and they agree that it is the perfect setting for the launch. Bethenny goes into how Jason would love this. This makes me see that she really wants Jason to be a part of this and I think that is true, she should be sharing these wonderful and successful times with him. I hope he sees that soon. I don’t want him missing out on all these memories that they can be making together with this company. Bethenny realizes at this point that she should back off of Jason and let him make his own decision.

Bethenny meets two women at the launch and one has written a letter about what a great boss she has and it was the winning one so the woman and her boss got to come to Aspen and be a part of the launch. Bethenny calls over Jackie to see what her take on all this is. Jackie tells the group that she was thankful for being employed, going to Cabo, coming to Aspen and being able to drink on the job. Not such a glowing review in my opinion. Yes, those are the perks of hard work and I would have stated just how much the job meant to me, but not by bringing up all the perks right off the bat. Bethenny tells us the same thing.

While in Aspen Bethenny is taking advantage and is heading out to go snowboarding with Jackie. Bethenny and Jackie go into a ski shop to get their bindings set and to get helmets. Typical scene ensues with two young guys taking care of them. One of the guys says something about the “older” women being cougars and its all lost on me. Sorry people, I didn’t get excited over that conversation. The ski shop “boys” join Bethenny on the slopes and I could care less but it seems important to Bethenny to have them around. They did make me laugh though, so it worked. Bethenny goes for a run and she is looking good on that board. This is really an event, as they come down from a run and there is a whole Skinny Girl cocktail tent set up for everyone to enjoy. Jason shows up and Bethenny tells him about her new Bevis and Butt Head friends. Jason brings Bethenny back down to earth and says she is reliving her younger days. Nothing wrong with that is what I say. Apria lunch and the discussion continues about the young boys tagging along. Jason is waffling about coming on board still and of course the discussion at lunch turns to it. Bevis and Butt Head come into lunch and talk about finding the rich divorcees and again all lost on me, but surely someone will find it entertaining.

Bethenny and Jason are going skiing and snowboarding together. As they get off the gondola and Jason is putting on his skis it seems he really is new at this. During the skiing you hear Bethenny in the background saying that “she is going to take Dr. Amador’s advice and listen to Jason and let him decide when he is ready.” That is a huge step for Bethenny. Maybe she should get out on the slopes more often, seems to make her think clearer.
Bethenny ends this episode with “even though we are in a valley we are at a peak.”

How fitting as we are seeing this couple, Bethenny and Jason make great strides in their relationship. It was hard, but this week I too stayed off of the ‘will he or won’t he’ comments, okay somewhat.

As promised even before this season started we are seeing a long season and it is showing us the viewers every aspect to Bethenny and her cast of characters through it all. Some of it I like some of it not so much, but glad to be along for the ride.

As always I end with please comment below and keep this conversation going, do you like Bethenny and what she is showing us about her life? Do you not agree with it? Let us know.

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