Bethenny Ever After | Season 3, Episode 11 – Recap

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Paradise Lost

by Pam Dryburgh

As this episode begins I am wondering if tonight we will finally have a breakthrough for Bethenny and Jason. It is after all 11 episodes in and I personally don’t feel like they have made any head way. We shall see if in fact tonight is the night.

The morning after Bethenny’s birthday the Skinny Girl team is having breakfast sans Bryn. Bethenny talks about the scarf guy on the beach and how the locals told her that she should have paid $20.00 each not the $30.00 paid. “Haggling 101 like the street vendor, they jack up the price……. Today the scarf guy has jewelry for sale. My thought was did anyone check to be sure that it is real .925 silver? Jason feels like he wasn’t a good haggler. I thought he did fine. The necklace that Bethenny really wants the vendor says $600.00 she says $75.00. This is not over with the necklace.

Jason and Bethenny are going to a “drum class”, it is like a therapy class, and it was this or go to a kill your husband therapy class. The last time they went to therapy, the session was 21 hours on the “therapy boat”. So this is some sort of music therapy class. Bethenny picks up the maracas and tells the music therapist that “these are Jason’s balls”, Jason’s response of course is that Bethenny “has cut his balls off”.

Bethenny, Jason, Veronica and Bryn go into an absolutely beautiful church on the resort. As they look around the church, Jason says this would be a nice place to get married. Bethenny says you are getting married again? If looks could kill, they both would have been dead after that comment. As they leave the church Veronica breaks into tears and we find out that she is missing her family and she was remembering being little and the whole family living all together. I already see the bad seg way coming and right on cue Bethenny goes into asking Veronica if she would take Bryn if anything happens to her and Jason. This is such an emotional moment between the women. Bethenny and Jason want Bryn to have a Mommy if something happened to them. Bethenny tells us that Veronica is a hard working trust worthy person and is just a good person across the board. Once again I am questioning this decision as Julie is the Godmother and in most cases that is why you ask that person to be the Godmother. Surely Veronica is a wonderful person or Jason and Bethenny wouldn’t have discussed having her take Bryn in an extreme situation. However, still can’t get past that they asked Julie already by making her the Godmother. Maybe just maybe this will be addressed in a later episode.

Jason and Bethenny move onto a food demonstration that is taking place at the resort. This scene starts to feel like filler and then as if on command a woman comes up to the bar and starts a conversation with Bethenny and the woman who is clearly drunk says are you MaryAnn? So of course Bethenny agrees with this woman and the funniness continues. Very cute scene and at least Bethenny comes clean before leaving the woman. Although my guess is when this airs this woman will watch it and die of embarrassment. You have to remember though that this is a resort and most people on vacation will be buzzed at one point or another.

Happy hour time for team Skinny Girl and Jason drops a bomb, they have to be out of their current apartment in 30 days. This is really turning into a heavy happy hour. Bethenny turned on the ‘business’ switch and has gone into organizing mode. Wow! That was a bomb shell. Bethenny tells the team that they will have to step it up and Bethenny directs some tough yet truth to Maggie about how the people they are dealing with are tough and “beasts” and she is honestly afraid that Maggie will not be able to handle it.

Here we go onto another boat. So they have to take a little boat out to the big boat and jeez the only one that has on a life jacket is Bryn. The waves are coming in very hard and Bethenny says that she is going to take Bryn back. Jason is now on the big boat waiting for Bethenny to get back and as we all know Jason gets sea sick and it appears that Maggie is now sea sick and she goes back to the beach. As Bethenny meets Maggie at the beach she is visibly upset and she says is bothered by all the attention and just wants to go back to her room. Bethenny realizes at this moment that Maggie will probably quit. My thought is that if she doesn’t quit, Bethenny will let her go as soon as they get back to New York. Back on the boat Julie and Jason are having a one on one conversation and Julie lets him know that she is just tired and wants to take a break. Julie is giving Jason some good advice, make the decision either way to come into the business or not and then make the date and stick with it. Those are very wise words that Julie spoke to Jason. Nothing exciting happened on the boat ride as they cut right to getting back to the beach. Of course the beach vendor is back and hitting up Bethenny and crew, he knows who will spend the money. “Necklace sold to the crazy lady from the boat”.

This must be the dinner that we have been all waiting for. Bethenny goes right into asking Jason if he is going to stay on the same path. Jason is being honest right here. Jason is not a risk taker and Bethenny is. Jason is not a “throw caution to the wind” type of person. Jason feels like he is being judged for “not” making it. I am shocked that he feels this way, from all appearances to this point he seems confident and a man who has it all together. This is the first time that we have really seen Jason be upfront with Bethenny, as far as saying these things on camera. One that took guts and two couldn’t be more proud of Jason at this moment for letting us fans hear this along with Bethenny.

As they are having their very open conversation Jason feels like he is being spoken down to and has had enough and leaves the table and this should be a real reality check for Bethenny. I see this couple as very loving and committed yet neither one are willing to give in or give up control. We have a saying in our house ‘pick your battles’. Maybe tonight was the night that Jason finally picked his battle and put it all out there and on the line. All of us watching have been waiting to see this to happen all along. We wanted Bethenny to ‘talk’ to Jason about how she was feeling. We have wanted to hear what Jason has been thinking. Jason and Bethenny talking so deep tonight is for sure what I have been waiting for this whole season. Good for them, it’s a start.

They pull back together and continue with dinner and take a breath and start with the small talk and without saying it out loud they have decided that the arguing for the night is over.

Most of the feedback that I was getting tonight was that Bethenny and Jason are doomed. I don’t see it that way. I see it that as a couple they have the foundation to move forward and it is just their strong personalities that are keeping them from going there at this time. Don’t we all know ‘that’ couple who have been married forever and all they do is bicker? Maybe just maybe that is how it works for our Bethenny and Jason.
And yes, we see the breakthrough that I have been waiting for all season.

I appreciate all of the tweets and comments that have been sent to me, let’s keep the conversation going here and comment below.

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