Bethenny Ever After | Season 3, Episode 14 Recap

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Watching this episode was truly a fun trip down memory lane with Bethenny and Team.

As we get started this week we are at Bethenny’s new apartment and the contractor is meeting Bethenny and Jason and you have to admit the place is looking like an apartment. Bethenny wants to have a good bar as “booze bought the apartment”. Skinnygirl booze bought this place and you have to pay homage to it.

At this point we are then taken into a video clip to look at the rise of Skinnygirl cocktails. I have to say that my favorite portion of memory lane was when Jason and Bethenny are at the factory that produces the Skinnygirl cocktails. I remember seeing this for the first time and feeling happy for Bethenny and Jason and how they could see it turn from Bethenny’s dream into reality. After this the video clips are of other parts that make up the Skinnygirl brand; the yoga DVD’s her books, and the speaking tour with the Skinnygirl bus.

Bethenny takes Bryn to a children’s Spanish class. It is a great idea to have children learn and speak more than one language in this day and age, especially in NYC. Bryn is the cutest baby and I always say that she is very well adjusted to her crazy world. “Bryn is fun and spunky and always in a good mood”, as Bethenny puts it.

That brings on another video montage this time of Bethenny and her pregnancy. Some very moving clips are shown and in this group I love how they showed the day everyone went to Gina’s church for the blessing and had an impromptu Baptism.

Bethenny and Jason meet up with Louie an old friend of her father’s. This is a friend of her biological father Bobby Frankel. She explains to Louie that her Step Father John raised her and she was closer to him than her real father. Bethenny tells Louie the story of how she hasn’t talked to her Step Father since she was 18 and how when they were working the E True Hollywood story they called him to ask some questions and he essentially declined but wished her nothing but the best. He is media shy and that is a good thing for Bethenny as we all know her Mother has come out and given some doozey interviews. Bethenny goes onto to say that she called her Step Father and again he wishes her well and said that he did screw some things up while raising her but glad she is doing well at this time. Bethenny explains to Louie that John was the only father she had in her life. It’s a tough thing for Louie to take, but as we all say “it is what it is”.

We go through another set of clips and this time they are about when Bethenny and Jason went to the woman that married them and she asks whom from Jason’s family will be there and then she asks Bethenny and her response is “no one”. We then go to Bethenny reading Julie the article that her ‘estranged’ mother did an interview for saying that Bethenny’s marriage will not last and that she made up Skinnygirl. Bethenny reminds us through the clips that she feels sad for her mother however she will never, ever talk to her again. More clips of having Bryn in her life and how she doesn’t want Bryn to be hard like her.

Back to real time and the dinner with Louie and Jason point blank asks Louie why Bobby couldn’t be involved in Bethenny’s life. Louie states that he did have the conversation with Bobby about it as Louie is a family man, but Bobby was too wrapped up in the horses and gambling to get involved. Louie says that Bobby did love Bethenny but didn’t know how to show it. Bethenny stops Louie from talking when he goes onto to say things like Bobby loved you. Bethenny stops Louie and says “let’s not make this about rainbows”, “he never called me on a holiday, never called me on my birthday.” Good girl Bethenny you surely have grown over the past three years.

We move onto Bethenny and her appearance on the Wendy Williams Show. Julie and Bethenny are discussing that Wendy had to do a six week summer run test talk show before she got picked up. This is what Bethenny is going to do. Bethenny explains to Julie that Wendy Williams was essentially the first one that worked through this concept. Bethenny is now in the makeup chair and is now quizzing the makeup man about Wendy’s schedule for working the talk show. Bethenny goes onto the set and Wendy asks if she ever feels out of control with all of this success and family so fast. Bethenny tells the audience that she is trying to live in the moment and enjoy it all. My thought here in a fun way is, ‘does Dr Amador get a royalty every time she uses that line?’ And, I have to admit I have been using that for a while now too. Hope I don’t get a bill from the Doc. Next up they talk about Jason, having another baby, all the standard stuff. What stands out here is how she handles the being sued questions. Bethenny’s response on this show and on most other shows I have seen her on is that once you come into money someone will sue you. Bethenny handled it with a grain of salt and has her legal team on it.

After the Wendy Show, Bethenny tells us how she likes to do these shows and see how the host and show works. She is really looking into how to make her upcoming Talk Show a success.

Dr. Amador’s office and Bethenny tells him that everything is falling into place. Jason and Bethenny are doing well; Jason is still working on his own “stuff” however she is entrusting him with some of the Skinnygirl workings. Bethenny goes onto to tell Dr. Amador that she and Jason went to see her Step Father. This was great news to hear, not only that she went to see him, but that it was off camera as her Step Father is media shy. Bethenny explains that they shared a lot of memories and it was upbeat and how her step father goes to church every Sunday so Jason liked that.

Bethenny explains to Dr. Amador that during the dinner with her Step Father, her mother comes up as it should and her Step Father said that even though there were circumstances, her mother loved her. Bethenny is at the point that she wants to call her mother to close the “open ended wound”. Bethenny says that at one time they had a fun loving and good relationship. As this surprises me, it also makes me happy as I want all Mother’s and their children to have a relationship. Doesn’t have to be all love and kisses but you should have a relationship with your parents. Dr. Amador is bringing up how Bethenny always says that she doesn’t have a family, but he points out how she went to see her real father in the last days and with her mother Bethenny is going to give it a test. This will all be about healing and family.

Dr. Amador tells Bethenny how far she has grown and come from the first time she started therapy. She has grown from a scared person to a more understanding and kinder person. Bethenny just smiles at this point, but you can see that she is proud of herself for coming this far.
Jason and Bethenny are looking at bathroom fixtures “there is always a seat for every ass”. Bethenny says. These are funny moments seeing these toilets. Bethenny always knows how to put in the fun moments to make us smile and want to root for her.

Bethenny and Jason bring us back to the new apartment and this brings us to another montage from the beginning to the almost finished project. Special moment between Jason and Bethenny on how they have gotten to this wonderful point in the relationship. Jason says how they both have different things to work on but that they are a “team”. They tell each other “I love you” and then Bethenny’s follow up says how going into this relationship they knew they were different and opposites and it was something that they could over come easily, but found out that it was harder. Another set of clips and we see when Bethenny had a melt down during the wedding planning and all Jason wanted to do was watch the basketball game. Also one that sticks out is when they had dinner with Jason’s parents and she put Jason’s parents in a rough spot by saying that going to see them every few weeks was not an option. That scene still makes me uncomfortable but at the same time I commend Bethenny on her honesty. Jason’s parents have not been seen too much this season, I hope that the relationship between Jason’s parents and Bethenny is alright. Then the 40th Birthday disaster, enough said. More clips showing the arguments before the boat trip from hell and in Mexico.

Back to real time at the apartment and they go into Bryn’s room and look into the future and how they are going to watch Bryn grow up in this room.

More clips of the wedding planning, going to city hall to the wedding, and the birth of Bryn. A very fast montage, as this is just how it went down in real life. FAST!!! Now we get into the post marriage and baby clips with the discussion of post baby sex with Gina. Remember when Gina told Jason “no tip”. More sex clips, and it always is fun to see that when Jason talks about sex he is always smiling!

Still in Bryn’s new room Jason and Bethenny discuss how this apartment is “the American dream”. It is Bethenny and Jason, it sure is. They also discuss how they were frugal in the planning of this ‘home’. Bethenny discusses how she is not pregnant at this time and admits to having mixed feelings about having another child. She loves Bryn and doesn’t “long” for another child, but knows that Jason would love to have another one.

And just like that the episode is over.

Next week is the finale for this season of Bethenny Ever After. I look forward to seeing the new apartment finished, but will be sad to see Julie go. Such is life, one chapter closes another one opens.

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