Bethenny Ever After | Season 3, Episode 15 Recap

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Fair Thee Well Heeled

As I am getting ready to watch the last ever Bethenny Ever After, I am feeling a little sad. For sure I am one of her biggest fans and even with all of her ups and downs I will miss her and the cast of characters that she is surrounded by.

We start with the Skinnygirl ‘Holiday Party’ at a Mexican Restaurant.

As the girls and Dwayne get to the Holiday Party started they are having small chit chat and Bethenny calls Nick to join the party so Dwayne won’t feel left out. Dwayne is getting his party on as far as I’m concerned. The best part of this whole scene is when Dwayne says “he will learn to love Jackie”. This is in response to all the ‘love’ that is going around the table. Jason arrives to round out the “crew”. “Jason is the calm before the storm” as described by Dwayne.

At the Glamour Magazine photo shoot and it will be Julie’s last one with Bethenny. Julie announces that this is her last work shoot and this brings the water works from Bethenny. You have to realize that with Julie leaving, is the end of an era and although Bethenny is happy she is successful, she realizes that the excitement of getting Skinnygirl off the ground is over. Bethenny has to keep the momentum going from this point on with the next generation of Skinnygirl employees. Bethenny cries throughout the whole shoot.

I get that Bethenny is upset that Julie won’t be around to handle the day to day of Skinnygirl, and I get that Julie is someone that she trusts completely and is worried about trusting someone else to handle her work. Julie is Bryn’s Godmother so they will still have the family aspect of the relationship. I’m sure when people watch Bethenny crying over the last photo shoot with Julie; they will wonder if she would cry that much if Jason left her. I say this is another topic for another day, and I am pretty sure that Jason and Bethenny will not be breaking up anytime soon.

Bethenny is at the last appointment that we will see with Dr. Amador. I think at this point I may cry, as even though at times I have felt uncomfortable being at the therapy session with Bethenny, we all have seen how far she has come. So we get our round up of all the therapy sessions here. Dr. Amador tells Bethenny that working on relationships is hard but surrendering to win you will succeed. Bethenny thinks that the problems between her and Jason were because they were in the year of acceptance. Not much else said here, but you get the feeling that Bethenny knows marriage is hard work and she and Jason are willing to work on it and will make it. I could be reading something into this scene, but remember I am on the support train for this couple to work it out.

“Today is Graduation Day”. Bethenny and crew are in the Skinnygirl office and the meeting goes awry when Jason walking in and having a problem with Bethenny as her nipples are being revealed. You get that Jason just wants to set a precedent so that when there are more employees in the office, male or female there is some sort of decorum and dress code.

At the end of this scene Jason is going over the Holiday Cards that have arrived and I have agree with him that going through them is very surreal. He reads off who the cards are from and goes through his friends and relatives and then “Ellen and Portia”. Yes you have made it big at this point by getting a card from Ellen and Portia. Surreal experience for sure.

Skinnygirl meeting takes place in the kitchen and Bethenny announces that “we” got the talk show and it will taped in Los Angeles. She tells the “team” that this will affect everyone. She lets the team know that everyone will be taken care of and will not be losing their job. Bethenny knows that this whole process has been a team decision. Jason tells Bethenny that he is on board but he has to deal with the two apartments in New York, but they will make it work. Jason admits that this is a scary process, but that he loves his family so he will go anywhere they are. “As long as I’m with them, it doesn’t matter where we are.”

The team brings out a farewell cake for Julie and then Bryn says “Happy Birthday” which is just the cutest thing. As a little one, all Bryn knows is that when a cake comes out you say Happy Birthday. Julie goes on to say that Bethenny has given her such a great send off. Bethenny let her keep her computer and gave her a bonus. Julie we are all rooting for you and you will be very successful at whatever you set your mind to. You have proven it with the growth of Skinnygirl. We are then shown a montage of Julie and Bethenny through the three years that they worked together. She then makes a dramatic exit. End of an era.

And, just like that the new door opens; we are told it is three months later, Jason and Bethenny are finally moving into the “new apartment”.

There is a quick scene about Bethenny and her “toy box”. A discussion ensues about when was the last time that she whipped out the toy box. She is having anxiety about someone finding it and looking in it. As Jason and Bethenny are doing the last minute packing and cleaning up of the old apartment Jason is filling holes in the wall with spackle. Cracks me up as they could have paid someone to do it, but he felt he needed to. I get that, when we moved last November, my hubby went through the house and did the same thing.

Now the house tour, the place is clean and crisp yet it does look comfortable and homey. The first thing I noticed is the American flag that Bethenny purchased from the Street Vendor and it looks perfect in the spot over the dining room table. The bar in the living room was done very tastefully and I like it. They walk through the rooms and a few things stuck out for me. First off when they go into the new Skinnygirl office it has a window and there is a dedicated desk for Jason. The man cave is nice. Bryn’s room is beautiful and the kitchen is one that made me tingle. The kitchen is crisp and clean in design. The master bedroom is very homey and relaxing. Bethenny’s dream closet is much more than even she imagined. This is so much more than a closet, it is a dressing room. This closet is bigger than the office for our business. Overall, I like what they did with the place. It looks like this long process was worth all the work.

The Hoppy’s enjoy their first night in the new place and all is shaken up the next morning as it becomes official that they have to be in Los Angeles by May 20th to start prepping for the Talk Show. This means that they are already going onto the next adventure with only having a month in the new apartment. Such is the life of Bethenny.

We never really did have the question answered on whether Jason has come on board full time with Skinnygirl or not, however it looks like he is working with them at least part of the time. Jason has to do what feels right for him and if that is just being in the background with Skinnygirl, then yay for him. It is part his company anyway so I’m sure he is keeping his hand in to stay on top of the issues that come along with such a fast growing business.

Thank you Bethenny and your cast of characters for entertaining me for 15 weeks. It has been a journey for you all and I am glad that I was along for the ride. Wishing you, Jason and the Skinnygirl team nothing but continued success. It has been fun writing this blog and the conversations that it has started have been amazing. I never said you had to like Bethenny, but you have to admit she is one hell of a business woman and with the team she has surrounding her it looks like her success will continue.

Team Bethenny!

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