Bethenny Ever After | Season 3, Episode 8 – Recap

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by Pam Dryburgh

Even before this episode begins, I am wondering what the Julie news is. We know that she will be a part of the family forever as she is Bryn’s Godmother, but I would love for her to stay on with the Skinnygirl Team as she has been there since the beginning. Maybe she was offered a big time job? A job which she so richly deserves. We shall see.

Right away we start at Bethenny’s condo and Julie comes in and wants to talk and Jason is asked to leave the kitchen. No waiting till the end, Julie just spits it out, she is moving home to Pittsburgh to be with her boyfriend. She feels that she is burned out from all the ‘chaos’. Bethenny is handling this better than I thought she would. You can see it on Bethenny’s face that she just wants Julie to be happy. Julie loves Bethenny so much and that shows. Jason comes back and asks what is going on and he is genuinely shocked. Jason is also very kind to Julie and wishes her well, but he is truly devastated over this turn of events. Couldn’t you see this coming right from the beginning of the season? Julie has looked extremely stressed lately and you got the feeling that she has been thinking about this for some time. Julie will do well, she has had her career changing job in NYC, she came and conquered and now it is time to go home to her boyfriend and make life with him. Kudos to you Julie, job well done! I bet that Julie’s twitter has blown up this evening. It should, we all should be wishing her well and telling her that she was an integral part in getting the Skinnygirl Brand off the ground. Without Julie, it still would be fabulous, just not as quickly is my opinion. Will Jason work with Bethenny or not will be the next question that needs to be addressed. As the other Skinnygirl team members come into the living room, Bethenny announces the changes lightheartedly, but I have a feeling that she will be feeling this hard news for a long time to come. At this point the ‘team’ is sitting down to a meal and Bethenny announces that the whole team will be coming to Mexico with her. Sweet! The team has worked hard and since it will be a tax write off why not take them all and have some fun before all the changes come to fruition.

So, I thought we would have to wait till the end of this episode to find out what Julie is going to do, but as it turns out the big question will be if Jason gives up his current job to work full time at the Skinnygirl Empire.

Bethenny has joined forces with a hair salon named Drybar where she is selling Skinnygirl cocktails and there is a ponytail blow out named after her. Oh, and in case you missed it Bethenny let us know that she had sex this morning. Bethenny this is why we love you. People magazine are also there to do interviews with the owner of Drybar Hair Salon along with Bethenny on their joint venture. As they are answering questions from People Magazine, the interview changes direction to discuss, having husbands working in the ‘business’. The owner of the Drybar states that her husband is part of the business and they manage well.

Moving right along to lunch with Matt, who is in charge of Skinnygirl Nutrition. Bethenny asks some personal information about Matt and he says that he drops Bethenny’s name on occasion and Bethenny responds “like bringing a puppy to the park” and continues to say that using my name will make the “panties drop”. Bethenny mentions that Jason is thinking about coming into the family business full time.

Side note: My husband and I are in business together and it works for us. We have different projects and tasks to take care of and that is how we decide who leads. We have been a team for 4 years now and it works great for us.

Man this is a fast paced episode tonight, right away onto the furniture store. Don’t you think that is how Bethenny rolls, always moving quickly? They are at a “High roller” furniture store and she is being shown items that cost a small fortune, Bethenny admits that she has never seen a chair that costs $43,000. Yes $43,000 for a chair! Bethenny does fall in love with a $76,000 mirror. I bet that she ends up with that mirror. Even if she says she won’t. Bethenny is nervous looking at the expensive furniture and says that it will all be crap after her daughter gets her hands on it. So true, when you have little ones you have to be very family friendly and safe when it comes to furniture. Looks like Jason says it right “we are not empty nesters”, so we shouldn’t be buying all high end stuff at this time.

Skinnygirl Shapewear is another portion of the ‘brand’ and while Bethenny discusses how much there is involved in this “beast”. Julie walks in the room with “a** pads and hooker heals while holding my child”, and continues to say how Julie actually looked sexy. The women of the Skinnygirl team are all wearing nothing but Skinnygirl Shapewear and look awesome. It is truly wonderful that Bethenny’s team and friends are a part of this shoot. Isn’t her ‘brand’ about regular girls and who better to show it off than regular girls? Great marketing plan Bethenny.

The discussion takes a turn to the ‘high roller’ furniture again this time with Jason and he thinks that they should make an investment in a few good pieces. I fully understand this stress, as I had to purchase three rooms of furniture for our last house while my husband was in Iraq and I had to do it all on my own. I can remember losing sleep over the fact that I was wondering if he would like it or not. If you’re wondering, I did a great job and hubby loved the pieces I chose then and now. At this time Bethenny is heading out to a Parenting Magazine event and Jason is staying home with Bryn. “What’s wrong with this picture?” Jason states. Good point.

A quick little ditty on potty training as Jason shows off the new potty chair that just arrived for Bryn. This potty chair quick scene is a must see if you have taped this episode. The potty chair plays music when the pee pee hits the bottom of the little princess bowl. Priceless.

While the team is with Bethenny at the Parenting Magazine event celebrating her magazine cover, Julie tells us she is looking forward to going home and she does add that it is bittersweet but is excited about the next chapter of her life.

As Bethenny, Julie and Jackie are back at the Skinnygirl office the girls are engaged in the transition of having Jackie take over for Julie. Bethenny is not prepared for this transition more than she realizes. You can see it on her face. She is just like the rest of us, she wants change and yet is afraid of it.

Our weekly visit to Dr. Amador’s office, Bethenny tells him that Julie is leaving and admits that it feels like someone else is leaving her. Bethenny explains that Jason wants to be a part of the business and this is the right timing. As you watch Bethenny here you can see that she is going from cool and collected to where she realizes that Julie is leaving and it hurts. As Bethenny starts to process the loss of Julie she tells Dr. Amador about the early years of their business and friendship. Dr. Amador takes this time to let Bethenny know that learning about your feelings, with the marriage and with Julie is a good thing and she is processing it. The Doctor goes on to say that Bethenny dealing with Julie leaving is like the mourning process.

We end this episode at the Shapewear shoot and the discussion continues about Julie leaving. The only thing that Bethenny is worried about is ‘the schedule’. Don’t let her kid you, Bethenny is worried about losing Julie and it hasn’t hit her yet. It will and it will hit big. This ‘real girls shoot’ is awesome; I have said it before and will say it again, best marketing move using the Skinnygirl team as the models.

So what do we have to look forward too? Julie moving on will tear Bethenny apart more than even she realizes at this point. Will Bethenny have a melt down over this? My money says yes. Julie has been Bethenny’s support system for the last three years in business and in life. Will Jason come into the family business full time? I vote yes. Keep the conversation going by commenting below. Thank you all for your continued support of this blog.

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