Biermann Family Vacation Photos, Mama Kim’s Crazy Bikini Body!

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The Biermann’s are vacationing in Florida ending the taping of their reality series, “Don’t Be Tardy …” with some family holiday time. Season 3 of the hit show will air this summer on Bravo, here are some pictures from their Floridian getaway.

This is what happens when I’m working on Kim’s phone!! This beyotch after 6 kids incredible. Signed, her amazing assistant Sweetie Hughes

Kim Biermann-holiday

Kim-Kaia Biermann

“KJ loves to “pose” …. Tongue out and all” – Kim ZB

KJ Biermann-holiday

Daddy Kroy Biermann and his “mini me” KJ!! KJ got his cast off thank goodness and has a boot like his dad did ☺️ but he can enjoy the beach still!! – Kim ZB

Kroy-KJ Biermann-holiday

Kim Biermann-holiday-1

These two love each other! If they are apart they get so anxious! I am soooo very blessed and grateful for my 6 gifts from God! – Kim ZB

Kaia-Kane Biermann-holiday

My little princess!!!! I love dressing little girls! – Kim ZB

Kaia Biermann-holiday1

“Can you stand it!!!!! Baby Kaia!!!! #imobsessed” – Kim ZB

Kaia Biermann-holiday

“My “baby girl” Brielle Biermann the thought that this my be our last spring break together as a family makes me soooo sad. She will be 18 next year! breaks my heart! I’m going to need a shrink…,” – Kim ZB

brielle Biermann-holiday1

Really Brielle Biermann ?!! JK you are too cute for words!! – Kim ZB

brielle Biermann-holiday

Best daddy ever!!! Kash was having a blast with daddy today!! – Kim ZB

Kroy-Kash Biermann-holiday

“My boys KJ and Kash!!! They are in love with the beach!!!” – Kim ZB

KJ-Kash Biermann-holiday

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