Blac Chyna Get’s Future’s Name Tattoo’d On Her Hand

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Is this real life? Blac Chyna has been ‘hanging’ out with rapper Future for two weeks. She got a tattoo of his name, but decided today to show off the masterpiece, with the caption: “Thought it was a drought.”

Blac Chyna-Future tattoo

Angela White, get that mess off your hand now! I’m trying, sweetie, but what the hell are you doing? You bred with a (unbeknownst to you at the time we think) pedophile, and you’re hooking up with a man with four children by four women. Plus he consistently disrespects Ciara, the mother of his youngest child. Girl do better and love thyself! Please let this be a joke!

tyra banks-rooting for you

By the way, Ciara’s lyrics, “With the silicone ass and Brazilian hair” was way before Blac Chyna was on the scene. All of his stripper exes fit the description or it could be about a random whore.

Blac Chyna


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