Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 2 Supertrailer

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The Black Ink Crew Chicago cast is back.

Kat has a new hairstyle and is determined to brand herself, even if means leaving 9 Mag behind. Van is on his way back in after completing his prison stint, only to find the shop very divided. Charmaine is still, Charmaine, and she has no problem letting the new Kat know she is not feeling her – they fight more than once. Danielle is still having relationship issues with “her” man.

Phor is still trying to break into the industry. Ryan is about to turn 30 and is seemingly fooling around with Chamaine. Since Kat left, he hires two new tattoo artists, Junior and Cobra Kat not blondie Kat). Don is about to marry Ashley but has a child with another woman.

Black Ink Crew Chicago season 2 premieres the 3rd October at 9/8c!

Source: VH1


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