Bobbi Kristina Brown Undergoes Tracheotomy To Prevent Infection From Breathing Tube

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via NY Daily News:
Bobbi Kristina Brown’s breathing tube has reportedly been removed amid one claim that her family wants to wake her from her medically induced coma.

Whitney Houston’s daughter, who’s been comatose at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta since Jan. 31, underwent a tracheotomy Wednesday to replace the tube she’s relied on since found face down in her Georgia home’s bathtub, according to reports.

The surgical procedure, which cut an airway in her neck, is being speculated by one doctor as either performed as an emergency — if there’s an air blockage — or for what doctors expect to be long-term care.

“When we know (the breathing tube’s) going to be there awhile usually (more than) a week or so, before it causes trouble like infection, we do the tracheotomy,” Dr. Gady Har-El, Otolaryngologist and Chief of Head & Neck Oncology at Lenox Hill Hospital, told the Daily News.

“It’s much easier to care for a patient with tracheotomy than to care for a patient with a tube,” he said.

The suggestion that the 21-year-old may need help breathing for an uncertain, and possibly extended length of time, came as one source reportedly close to the family told NBC News that they want to begin weaning her off her coma medication. This comes despite reports that her condition remains unchanged.

Har-El estimated that it’d take more than one to three days to wake her.

After that, if she’s capable of breathing on her own they’d wean her off the breathing machine and remove the tracheotomy. The hole in her neck would close within a few days, he said.

Another source close to the family has otherwise suggested to Radar Online that Brown’s condition may be direr than others claim and that her breathing tube was removed “because there were complications with it.

“They had to then do a tracheotomy and put a tube in that way,” they said.

Another medical professional speaking to the website further suggested that the tracheotomy may damage or rob her of her vocal chords completely.

While that claim may raise concern, Har-El said that the only concern should be on if Brown comes to.

“I don’t think it’s neither good nor bad,” he said of the procedure. “It has no implications regarding her condition, which neither you nor me know. All it does, if she recovers, the chances for any damage to the voice box, long term damage to mouth, vocal cords—they’re all reduced by doing the tracheotomy.

Bobby BrownWhitney Houston

Bobby BrownWhitney Houston


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