Brandi Glanville Wears Lingerie Bikini, So Does LeAnn Rimes

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It appears that Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star, Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes shop at the same bikini store; but who’s copying who? I’ve heard that LeAnn is copying Brandi – in regards to changes in weight, fashion etc,. I never really took too much notice of it. But this is a little eerie. Brandi was photographed wearing her bikini on the Wednesday, 14th August, then LeAnn Rimes is snapped in, Cabo San Lucas, on Friday 16th August, in a similar style.

I guess Eddie has a type of women he is attracted to. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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  • Mixed Chick

    I’m not a fan of either really. LeAnn the home wrecker along with Eddie the adulterer. But Brandi’s swimsuit is too small. Yeah we know she has like 2% body fat but the bikini is too small.

  • Vonnie Maguire

    LeAnn has talent, Brandy is a snake. No wonder Eddie left her for a sweet southern girl.

    • Virginia Tadrzynski

      Real sweet Southern girl there, stepped out on her husband to be with Eddie. Those two deserve each other…….LeAnn hasn’t been a hit maker in years, and Eddie, he can’t get a job acting as a human being lately. It’s called Karma.

      • Bobbi Wilson-Arakelian

        yea lets watch what KARMA does when she gets her kids taken away! Why don’t you learn more of the women you are defending!!

  • Virginia Tadrzynski

    No matter how she paints herself…….she stepped out on her husband with Eddie and Eddie stepped out on Brandi…..LeAnn will ALWAYS have Brandi’s sloppy seconds, whether it be husbands or bathing suits. And here’s a clue, LeAnn, no matter how much you WANT those boys pictured with you, they still at the end of the day, call Brandi MAMA!

  • Bobbi

    This is just weird. And a little creepy.

  • Sandy Rawlinson

    I think it’s time to let the ongoing Brandi/LeAnn feud go. LeAnn and Eddie are married. Brandi has a new boyfriend. I think it’s petty to constantly compare the two women. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone does bad things. Both of these women should be allowed to get on with their lives.

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