Brielle Biermann Sued By Amex For Refusing To Pay For Credit Card Bill

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Like mother like daughter.

Brielle Biermann

Brielle Biermann is being sued by American Express for not paying the $12,870.25 bill she owes on her credit card bill.

American Express claims Kim Brielle failed to pay off a $12,870.25 balance.

The credit card company claims Brielle hasn’t been paying the monthly minimum payment on her Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card.

In the court filings, AmEx says it’s demanded payment from Brielle but she’s failed to settle the bill and now they’re going after her for the full balance, plus court costs.

Brielle’s mom KIm Zolciak Biermann who also refuses to pay her bills is being sued for an unpaid credit card bill at Target, just one factor in her mother’s ongoing struggles.

Brielle’s adopted father, Kroy Biermann, is being sued over an unpaid credit line from a casino trip to the Bahamas.

Update: A rep for Brielle Biermann tells us she has plans to pay the bill in full Wednesday.

Source: TMZ


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