Hospital Spokesperson Says, Brooks Ayers Was Never Treated For Cancer At City Of Hope

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A representative for City of Hope medical center reveals to E! News that Brooks Ayers, who appeared on the Real Housewives Of Orange County reality show, was never treated for cancer at their facility. Brooks’ representative has declined to comment, of course, he has a rep?

In an interview with E! last week, Brooks came prepared with documents confirming his cancer diagnosis, the documents he showed had the “City of Hope” logo to prove he was receiving treatments for the disease at their facility.

“These are the three bills that reference the days I got my treatment. I’m not going to say I’m in remission. That’s not going to be the case until my numbers have normalized and that’s the word that was used to me. I have more tests coming up in two months. I go back every 90 days. I don’t get a scan every 90 days but I get blood work done every 90 days,” he explained showing how one chemo treatment cost $33,000. Where is he getting this money from for these alleged treatments? He should have shown the credit card statement or the bill from a facility.

However, a hospital representative confirms they have never treated anyone by the name of “David Brooks Ayers” at their facilities.

In Brooks’ invoice, dated 22nd January, 2015, the City of Hope National Medical Center logo has a small trademark symbol—something a person would find if they did an image search for “City of Hope logo.” On another patient’s documents, no such trademark symbol appears.

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Furthermore, on the other patient’s invoice from City of Hope National Medical Center, its address appears as “1500 E. Duarte Road, Duarte, California 91010.” In Brooks’ document, the word “east” is abbreviated and the center’s address appears as “1500 East Duarte Road, Duarte CA 91010.”

Another red flag is that Ayers’ document includes an “Invoice #” of eight digits, while the other patient’s document does not. Instead, it has an eight-digit “Medical Record Number.”

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Finally, while Ayers provided us with his medical invoice, which he claims was accessible through the patient portal, a source tells us that invoices and bills are actually not available to patients online.

The document inconsistencies aside, many of the women on Real Housewives questioned whether or not Brooks was being truthful about his diagnosis—something that was further questioned by fans after he broke up with Vicki Gunvalson last season.

Ayers attempted to answer some of the most perplexing questions that Bravo viewers had during our interview with him last week.

“Absolutely I’m sticking by that. Unfortunately, I wish it wasn’t true. It would be a lot easier if I didn’t have cancer just to be honest with you. The daily grind, the routines of reminding yourself that I’m sick and I need to do certain things and not do certain things,” Ayers shared with us when confirming his cancer battle.

Source: E! Online

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