Burger Joint Shames Philadelphia Eagles Running Back LeSean McCoy For Leaving 20 CENT Tip

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LeSean McCoy

via NBC:
The owner of a popular local restaurant is accusing LeSean McCoy of being “shady” with his gratuity. According to PYT owner Tommy Up, the star Eagles running back left a 20 cent tip during a visit to the popular burger joint.

Up says the ordeal began when McCoy and his friends arrived at the restaurant Monday afternoon.

“He was there with his friends at the bar,” Up said. “We thought we were all cool. It was lunch time, we knew who they were and we gave him our A-game.”

After the group left, Up said the waiter who served McCoy came up to him with a confused look on his face.

“He said, ‘I just got left 20 cents,’” Up said. “I was like, ‘why?’ He was like, ‘I have no idea! I thought we were cool!’”

Up took a look at the receipt and posted a photo of it on his Facebook page. The photo shows a $.20 tip on a $61.56 bill.

“I just thought it was pretty callous and insensitive,” Up said. “Twenty cents isn’t an industry standard.”

Rob Knelly, the waiter in question, told NBC10 that things were a bit tense between him and McCoy from the start.

“We asked if we could start them off for drinks but we didn’t really hear any response,” Knelly said. “So I got them to fill waters.”

Knelly admits he made a mistake and missed their appetizer while serving them.

“That was my fault,” Knelly said. “We were pretty busy at that point.”

Knelly claims McCoy and his friends were unsure of what they wanted when he asked them for their orders.

“They had been at the table for ten minutes,” Knelly said. “They were very indecisive about what they wanted. So I finally got their order and got everything they wanted. When he ordered he was like, ‘yeah, I asked for that s***. In a restaurant you don’t talk to a server like that.”

After Knelly got their order, he claims they acted rude towards him.

“I got their food and they were saying, ‘I can’t eat this, how do you expect me to eat this? I need a bun now. I don’t eat mayonnaise.'”

After telling the bartender to give them drinks, Knelly says they continued to call for him.

“They didn’t know my name,” Knelly said. “They just said, ‘you’re my server right? They were being rude so after I gave them their food I didn’t go back to them until they were done. I just avoided their rudeness.”

Up has received a mixed response since posting the receipt on his Facebook page. While some sympathized with the waiter, others said that posting a photo of the tip was unprofessional on the part of PYT and questioned how good the service actually was, claiming that bad service deserves a low tip, if any at all.

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