Cardi B Throws Shoe At Nicki Minaj, Former LHHNY Star Rashidah Ali Defends Nicki, Mayhem Ensues

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Cardi B showed off her shoes Friday night at a New York Fashion Week party by throwing one of them at Nicki Minaj TMZ has learned.

Cardi and Nicki both showed up at the Harper’s Bazaar’s bash. Nicki was with her crew at a table, when Cardi “aggressively approached the table” this according to eyewitnesses.

We’re told Cardi said, “Let me tell you something” as she lunged toward Nicki, but security stopped her inches from contact.

But, Cardi wasn’t done she pulled off her shoe and threw it at her enemy missing her target.

As for Nicki we’re told cool as a cucumber. She didn’t even flinch.

Cardi was escorted out by security, and she left the building with one shoe on her foot.

Now that’s fashion!

Source: TMZ

Cardi B was escorted out by security after the scuffle and you can see she has a visible knot on her forehead from getting hit.

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