Demon Sister, Caroline Manzo Asks Judge To Free Brother In Law After He Beat Her Sister Dina

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Abuser Tommy Manzo, evil sister Caroline Manzo, Dave Cantin & wife Dina Cantin

Caroine Manzo is the definition of ghetto.

How much does Caroline Manzo hate her sister, Claudine ‘Dina’ Cantin, (formerly Manzo) that she asks a judge to free her brother in law after he was arrested for beating her own sister.

Former Real Housewives Of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo recently asked a judge to release her brother-in-law Thomas ‘Tommy’ Manzo from jail.

Thomas was indicted earlier this month as an accomplice in the home invasion in 2017, where Caroline’s sister Dina who was married to Thomas, was left beaten and tied up. 

Dina, 49, and her current husband David Cantin, 41, were both attacked with bare fists and baseball bats during the altercation, as they walked into their New Jersey home. 

Thomas was released from jail during the hearing as he awaits trial in the home invasion case.

He is facing a handful of charges including robbery, burglary, aggravated assault, theft, a weapons offense, criminal restraint and stalking, according to the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office. 

Caroline has been married to Albert Manzo, Thomas’ brother, for 36 years. 

After hearing about the news of Caroline’s support for Thomas, Dina’s friend and assistant Luke McKibben shared a post sharing his outrage.

Dina’s assistant, Luke McKibben isn’t holding back.

‘For years I have sat by and watched Dina take the high road over and over. Staying silent for many reasons but mainly out of respect for family. There’s a million things I could have said throughout the years and spoken up to defend her. She would forbid me to say a word. But I can’t stay silent while others continue to talk to help keep their relevance. You will reap what you sow. And I find this extremely fitting after all they are your most famous words #letmetellyousomethingaboutmyfamily ‘ 

Dina Cantin’s response.

Dina replied: ‘Normally Lukey I would ask you to take this down but ya know what? I’m starting to think some just expect us to stay quiet while they continue to hurt others…that’s what gives them that “power” I’ll say it again…it’s not ok to take kindness for weakness. Plus if I don’t laugh at this point I’ll just continue to cry. I love you.’

A grand jury in Monmouth County indicted Thomas, 56, last week. 

Thomas was not previously charged in the 2017 attack, but has now been named as an accomplice to James Mainello, 53, of Bayonne, who was previously indicted in the case in 2019. 

The suspects are said to have punched Dina in the face, while her husband David was struck with a bat. 

Per the report, Dina and David were then allegedly tied up with zip ties, as the suspects robbed them of her engagement ring as well as cash. 

Tommy was married Dina in 2007 but the two separated in 2013 and were officially divorced in 2016. Dina was previously married to George Hadjiapostoli they share a daughter, Lexi Ioannou, 25.

The couple’s attorney Andrew Brettler told TMZ in a statement: “This was an awful ordeal for Dina and David and hopefully it is the final step in bringing them closure of this matter.

In July last year, Tommy also plead not guilty to hiring a Lucchese mobster soldier to attack Dina’s husband David, in a separate incident that took place in 2015.   

John Perna, 43, of Cedar Grove, New Jersey, plead guilty to the federal charge of committing a violent crime in aid of racketeering activity.

Prosecutors alleged John was hired by the reality star’s ex-husband, Thomas, to assault her then-boyfriend and now husband, Dave Cantin six years ago.

John and a mobster associate attacked Dave with a slapjack, a club weapon, in the parking lot of a New Jersey strip mall in July 2015, according to prosecutors.

The incident left Dave, who married Dina in 2017, with a permanent facial scar. 

A month after the attack, John held a wedding reception for 330 guests at Thomas Manzo’s Brownstone Restaurant in Paterson, New Jersey, for ‘a fraction of the price,’ authorities said.

Again Caroine Manzo support the beating of women. Caroline supports the beating of her sister. Caroline Manzo is a menace.

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Sources: The Sun, Daily Mail


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