So You Really Thought He Wouldn’t Cheat On You? Christine Vest Blasts Dwight Howard For Cheating & Not Seeing His Son

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Dwight Howard’s sex em’ and leave em’ motto is working again.

Dwight’s 6th or 7th baby mama, Christina Vest is frustrated and vented on instagram which she later deleted, that he cheated and won’t see their son. Is anyone surprised? Did she think her popping out another of his children would change his whoring ways? She should consider herself lucky, he tries to take the children away from mothers he doesn’t like, ask Royce Reed. Dwight at last guess has about 8 children. The travesty is that the child is named after his sperm donor. Sad.

“#fedup️ this amazes me Who does this?! I could never leave my child with someone and not even speak to them by video/phone or visits (minus one bday video-per MY request-and 3 hours in the same room “together” for his party)… and for 5+ months? When I reach out I get ignored…when I send fathers day gift and text I get ignored…why? Trey hasn’t done anything to you and even if he did, you should never ignore your own child if you love them. Last I checked…you cheated (again)..I caught u…u went silent….k so u don’t want ME? …that’s fine…but what about ur kid? I’m all about Trey having both parents regardless of circumstances and I thought you did too…so where are you?…*silence*… No one is THAT busy”

Christine Vest-Dwight Howard Cheating

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