Conrad Hilton Arrested After Breaking Into Ex-Girlfriend’s House, After She Was Granted A Restraining Order Against Him

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Conrad Hilton, 21, has been arrested for breaking into the home of his ex-girlfriend Hunter Salomon, 19.

Conrad had been dating Hunter Salomon, the daughter of Rick Salomon, Paris Hilton’s sex partner in the infamous “One Night in Paris,” tape.

Hunter states after they broke up, Conrad became obsessive and scaring her, showing up at her house at all hours and even threatening to kill himself.

Hunter got a restraining order, on Monday Conrad broke into her family home in the Hollywood Hills. The police, along with helicopters, swarmed the house and arrested him.

Conrad is currently in custody.

Conrad is Paris Hilton’s brother and nephew to Kim and Kyle Richards of the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.

Source: TMZ


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