[VIDEO] Couple Mocks Eric Garner’s Chokehold Killing On Live TV

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via NY Daily News:
A couple crudely mocked the choking death of Eric Garner on live TV, just hours after a grand jury failed to indict a cop in the case.

A couple wandered into a New York City reporter’s live broadcast and crudely reenacted the choking death of Eric Garner while swarms of protesters rallied nearby.

WPIX’s Allison Kaden reported on the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony Wednesday night and explained that cops kept out a group of protesters furious that a Staten Island grand jury failed to indict the New York Police Department cop.

As she explained that roads around the tree were shut down to keep protesters out, a couple walked into the frame. Noticing they were on live TV, the man wrapped his arms around the woman’s neck, mimicking the July chokehold death.

The woman put her hands up — just like Gander did before he was wrestled to the ground.

In July, Officer Daniel Pantaleo put Garner, a married father-of-six, in a chokehold outside of a beauty supply store. Minutes later, Garner stopped struggling and appeared to be unconscious.

Bystanders captured the incident on cellphone video.

Earlier Wednesday, the Richmond County jury decided not to charge Pantaleo.

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