Cynthia Bailey & Mike Hill Are Divorcing After 2 Years Of Marriage

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Cynthia Bailey & Mike Hill

Cynthia Bailey former Real Housewives Of Atlanta star and her husband ‘reformed adulterer’ Mike Hill have separated.

We are not shocked!

A source close to the former couple states that the two came to a cordial mutual decision to end things, after determining things just weren’t working out and they were growing apart.

I wonder why they were growing apart!? Obviously Mike didn’t cheat, he doesn’t cheat anymore. Cynthia’s career has taken off since leaving the Real Housewives Of Atlanta, the two have also filed for divorce.

Cynthia says: “God does not make mistakes! [But humans do] I truly believe in my heart Mike coming into my life was destiny. I jumped in, both feet first and gave it my all. Although that journey has come to an end. I am so grateful for our continued friendship, and the beautiful memories that we made together. God willing, I will find love again. Whatever is destined to be, will be; and I could not be more excited for my next chapter. I pray my friends, family, and fans will continue to be along for the ride with me in this awesome thing we call ‘life!’ Thank you for your continued prayers, support, and well wishes.”

Mike only wishes the best for Cynthia, and will continue to further his own career. Mike and Cynthia got married in the thick of covid 19, and there were plenty of rumors that the two were struggling in their marriage.

The ill fated couple

Mike says: “I love Cynthia and will always love her because she is a phenomenal woman and a beautiful person. Even though our relationship is ending, our friendship remains rock solid and for that I am grateful. Honestly, we’ve been thinking about going our separate ways for the last few months, so it was good for us both to have that time to process it all privately and I can smile knowing she’ll always be there for me as I will be for her.”

Cynthia has removed his last name on her Instagram and no longer going by Cynthia Bailey-Hill. She also removed all his pictures from her social media.

The former couple exchanged vows in a lavish wedding at Governors Towne Club in Georgia, and some of the events around the extravaganza were aired on season 13 of RHOA.

And the joint statement they released: “While we both will always have love for one another, we have decided to go our separate ways. We are grateful that we remain good friends, and will always cherish the many memories we’ve shared together as husband and wife. Many of you have been on this journey with us from the very beginning, and we appreciate our family, friends and beloved fans for your positive support as we move forward and start new chapters. Thank you for your prayers & well wishes!”

Source: TMZ, People


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