Dance Moms | Season 2, Episode 15 Recap

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The Battle Begins

Two weeks until Nexstar National competition in Los Angeles, California. Chole was congratulated as being the winner, Junior Soloist, and placed at the top of the pyramid. Abby paying $3,000 of her own money reminded the Dance Moms that nobody pays her to attend competition. She is the Dance Teacher and not the babysitter!

Paige was placed at the bottom of pyramid due to her inability to control the prop.  Nia, lacked focus as she continued to pull on her biketard during the entire rehearsal was next.  Brooke, with weak ankles was not able to go on point.  Maddie, the responsible one forgot her solo routine but still won a spot in the middle of the pyramid. Next on the pyramid was Mackenzie, Abby said Mackenzie’s charisma and face moves the audience.

Abby losing to Candy Apples and Maddie forgetting her routine was more than Abby could take, disappointed she left the competition. Abby admitted she lied about why she left the competition. Holly was upset that Abby didn’t feel the same about Nia forgetting her routine.  Melissa called a cab for Abby to go home believing that Abby’s mom was sick. Dance Moms pressured Melissa to confront Abby about lying to her about why she left the competition.  Melissa felt Christi and Kelly could care less about Abby lying to her and more interested in causing drama and trouble. As the Dance Moms were on their way out of rehearsal, Melissa told Abby she is still being accused of kissing her butt. Abby told the Dance Moms that they have been jealous of Maddie from day one and they still are. Christi told Abby she was using a bunch of excuses, Abby told her receptionist call 911 and get her out of here! Confronted again during the next rehearsal Melissa told the Dance Moms “I’m a doormat” to end their bullying her to confront Abby.

Chosen for Solo’s: Chloe, Mackenzie and Maddie Trio: Brooke, Maddie and Paige,  “I wanted it now was chosen as the group number, the rich little brat that wants it now.

Abby was worried about Chloe’s ability to lead. Chloe is use to looking at Maddie out of corner of eye to decide what to do next. Abby, allowed the dancers to judge Chloe. Nia felt that she would feel uncomfortable with the other dancers judging her. The others dancers were allowed to judge Chloe as Abby told her to thank them for their suggestions.

Maddie, forgetting her routine was able to nail the routine during rehearsal. Abby told her to be ready to perform the routine at anytime. Abby kept Maddie on the lineup to perform her solo routine during the dance competition. Abby took Maddie outside the competition and asked her if she would perform her solo.  Maddie refused to perform her routine telling Abby she was not ready. Maddie cried as the announcer called her name. Melissa told them she was sick and not able to perform. Refusing to perform her solo she still performed in the group routine not wanting to let the other girls down. Maddie didn’t want to make Abby mad or disappointed in her but she felt she would not be ready to perform at the competition.

Candy Apples beating Abby in the last competition welcomed Taylor back who had an accident during her last dance competition with a cake. Cathy, feeling on top of the world after beating Abby vowed she will continue to practice so that she can continue to beat Abby.

During the trio Paige forgot her kick. Christi, told Abby the kick would not be the reason for losing, it would be her choreography.

Mackenzie’s performed a solo dance style: lyrical.  She did an outstanding performance until the end of the performance when she slipped and hurt her leg, but still continued to dance. She won 10th place. Mom was not sure if the judges were aware that she didn’t finish her routine.

Christi reminded Chloe that she believed in her. Christi, felt the stakes were stacked against them as she was dancing in the bottom of her age category and the other dancers had been dancing for months. Christi, admitted that this was the best solo she had done, yet she still accused Abby of not having a good dance routine or music.

Results: Petite Solo Awards 10th Place Mackenzie, Junior Solo Award 5th Place Chole, Junior Trio Award 3rd Place, Group Award 5th Place.

Abby, told the kids they were not committed, their individual parts wonderful, but as a group the dance routine went to hell in a hand basket.  Kelly told Abby her routine was stale, she has been doing it to long. Abby told Kelly her stale routine is better than her best day will ever be. Kelly told Abby “Don’t eat me!” Abby refused to comment as she walked out the door.

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