Dina Manzo & Ashlee Holmes Exchange Heated Words

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Well not exactly, it was a disagreement of tweets to be exact, during the Real Housewives Of New Jersey, unaired “lost” footage, aka the scenes we like to piece together at the end, of a series, Dina tweeted to no one in particular:

“I’m not worried, the truth always comes out in the end, u can try & try but you’ll never “take me down”.

Who was she talking about Caroline?

Ashlee unnecessarily, decided to respond to Dina …

@dinamanzo My opinion is to delete that tweet. Stay positive …..but who am I ?! lol Just sayin.

@ashleeholmes they never will if the behind the scenes stuff doesn’t stop. Just sayin….

@ashleeholmes my opinion is that your mom should keep as quiet as I do. You know I love you Ash but this is getting old I’m about to lose it.

@dinamanzo I’m not taking sides in this. I know you’re not asking me too.. I’m just sayin. I love my Mama. Things will work themselves out.

After Ashlee got a few negative responses from people on twitter, Dina responded:

“Back on for a second…give Ash a break. She was just trying to help…it wasn’t an argument it was a discussion. I love her.”

Dina deleted some of her tweets and Ashlee has since deleted her tweets.

Dear Dina, you claim to want to stay out of all the drama and will not explain what the problem is between you and your siblings, which I applaud. But you have on multiple occasions tweeted your feelings during an episode of your former show. Make up your mind either stay silent or spill. And Ashlee, carry on.

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