Donald Sterling’s Ex-Girlfriend V. Stiviano Ordered To Return $2.6M

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via TMZ:
Donald Sterling had no right to shower V. Stiviano with lavish gifts, no matter how good of an archivist she was, because the loot he used to buy all the goodies wasn’t his to give away.

A judge just sided with Shelly Sterling, concluding Shelly was still very much Donald’s wife when he pulled his shenanigans — giving V. a duplex, a Bentley, a Range Rover and a Ferrari totaling $2.6 mil.

But don’t roll out the tow truck — Shelly doesn’t want the cars … she wants the money. According to the ruling, $830k of the $2.6 mil is due in cash — with $430k earmarked for the value of the vehicles.

V. tried in vain to convince the judge Donald and Shelly were separated at the time she scored the goods, so he had every right to shell out the cash. The judge begged to differ, saying Donald had no right to use the Sterling money to fund V.’s lifestyle.

So the question … how does V. make it right?

Return, return, return.


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