Drake’s Baby Mama Sophie Brussaux Was Allegedly Sleeping With ASAP Rocky, James Harden & Married Iman Shumpert

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Drake, Sophie Brussaux, Iman Shumpert & James Harden

According to BSO Drake has a son. A DNA test proved that he has a son with porn star Sophie Brussaux.

Sophie allegedly signed an ironclad non-disclosure agreement, so she can’t speak about Drake, and she can’t say Drake is the father of her child, that is why she has been silent.

A source reached out to BSO and claims:

“Sophie was concerned because she didn’t know who the baby daddy was. It could have been ASAP Rocky, James Harden, Iman Shumpert or the Beyonce backup dancer she was seeing, but she was ecstatic that it was Drake. In the end, she really thought it was either ASAP or Drake’s son, but she was praying it was Drake’s. Drake sincerly thought it was someone’s else kid because she had been with so many guys in a short period of time, but once the DNA confirmed it was his, he made her sign a confidentiality agreement. He isn’t as bad as Pusha T is making him out to be, he is just dealing with the fact he has a baby with a porn star that sees him as check”

Sophie Brussaux

Sophie Brussaux

Another source explains how Pusha T came about this information.

“ASAP Rocky knew everything that was going on because he was still seeing Sophie even while she was pregnant. Everyone knew that she thought Drake was the father, but ASAP confirmed it as 100% true to Pusha T who decided to use that information in his song. Sophie is a known groupie and former escort. She married a man for a green card and still is technically married. Drake unfortunately picked the wrong one to not use protection with, she thinks she hit the lottery with him.”

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Source: Black Sports Online

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