Drea Kelly Speaks On 2nd Divorce, Transgender Daughter; R. Kelly Needs To Support Transgender Daughter

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This season of Hollywood Exes has seen Drea Kelly go from a single woman to a married woman, who was planning her beautiful wedding with non singer Brian McKee. Before the season even aired, Drea filed for divorce. She speaks to VH1 about her relationship and her daughter Jaya, who just came out as transgendered.

On watching the finale of her wedding, now she’s filed for divorce
Drea: Oh gosh, yes! You know what, I’m proud. And I know that seems odd to say like, girl what? But I am proud because I really do think that I am a living example for women. Life goes on, honey. You cannot crawl up under a rock and go “I’m done with life.” Because guess what, it’s still gonna happen. You’re still gonna have to face it.

On her divorce from Brian McKee
I’m just waiting for my divorce to be final. I’m not the type of girl – I think because I’ve been through so much with my first husband – that I just have no room for BS. Some women, it might take you three, four, five times for you to be cheated on for you to get it. When you become 40, there are just certain things you don’t have room for in your life. It’s nothing against Brian. What we had was real but it’s time to move on. If it’s meant to be, if we are meant to come back together at a later date, only God knows. I can only answer for today and where I am right now.

On staying positive after finding out Brian was having an affair on twitter
[Laughs] For some reason, we have been brainwashed and taught that you attack the other woman. If something happens it’s “definitely the woman’s fault” and “women can’t get along” and all we do is fight. Everything that was happening on social media – was it hurtful? Yes. Was it embarrassing? Most definitely. But is it life? Yes. Just because you’re a celebrity doesn’t mean that life doesn’t happen. I knew that I had a choice to make [to stay positive] and it was an easy one to make.

On her daughter Jaya, coming out as transgendered
All I can say about Jay is he makes it so easy to be a proud mom. For parents, we need to realize, [our kids] have their own journey. Parents get it wrong when they don’t support their children. They have to go out and fight every day and face this world. The first battle should not be at home. I think that a lot of children in the LGBT community don’t succeed because the one thing they need the most is foundation. I just tell Jay all the time, baby you won the war. You’re gonna have a lot of battles but you won the war. Mama accepts and loves you for who you are. Your family does. My dad is a retired military naval officer and all he said was, “I’m gonna mess up sometimes and [use the feminine pronoun] ‘she’ but I’m gonna eventually get the ‘he’ thing. Just give grandpa some time. I’m gonna get it dude.” That was it. It’s like Jay; you don’t understand that you’re changing people’s lives just by being courageous. The kid is so courageous. She has…and see, there I go [using the wrong pronoun]. It’s a learning experience. It really is. It’s something we smile about. When I make that mistake I’m like, “Girl, you got a son, honey, get it together. Get it right.” [Laughs]

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On your daughter with R. Kelly – Jaya coming out as transgender – family reactions:
You know it took a minute for that to click in my head. Then I have to stop and come back and say, in the urban community this is like a first. [For my family] this isn’t this shocking thing. I need [people], especially in the black community, to stop burying their heads in the sand. Let’s quit playing that game that you just chose to be gay or trans. What we choose every day is what we wear. We need to stop worrying about people’s gender and sexuality and think about the choices we’re making with our youth, period. That’s what we need to focus on in my community

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