Duck Dynasty Star Korie Robertson Secretly Had Major Surgery

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Will-Rebecca-Bella-John Luke-Sadie-Korie-Willie Robertson-md

The Robertsons – Will, Rebecca, Bella, John Luke, Kori & Willie

Duck Dynasty star, Korie Robertson, 41, reveals in her new advice book, Strong and Kind: And Other Important Character Traits Your Child Needs to Succeed, that she quietly underwent major surgery last December, a hysterectomy, and spent more than six weeks recovering in excruciating pain.

Kori’s said the procedure was much more difficult than she had expected.

“I never dreamed it would be two weeks of getting out of my bed only to move to the recliner. There were moments of bravery during this awful time. I had to do a couple of interviews for the television show, and I had to make one appearance. I managed to fake feeling good,” she writes, adding she was shocked when a doctor told her she would likely be just 85% recovered in six weeks.

Kori is married to Duck Dynasty CEO Willie Robertson, was forced to face fans while secretly enduring excruciating pain.
Kori was frustrated with her limited ability to move and says she burst into tears when she realized her children— Rebecca, 27, John Luke, 20, Sadie, 18, Will, 13 and Bella, 13 failed to help out around the house during her time of need.

Rebecca-Kori-Bella-Sadie Robertson

Korie & her daughters, Rebecca, Bella & Sadie

“The house was destroyed! My house looked like a frat house after a party.”

But after confronting her children and they seeing her distress, they promptly apologized and cleaned the entire home.

“We are now able to laugh about the whole incident, which I love. It’s okay for your kids to see you vulnerable,” Korie says in her book.

Strong and True is available at online retailers and bookstores.

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Kori’s book joins the many books written by the Robertson family, check them out:

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