Erica Dixon Believes Diamond Is Lying About Lil Scrappy Abuse & Is Disappointed With Mimi Faust

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, Erica Dixon talks about her relationship with Lil Scrappy, what she thinks of Mimi Faust’s sex tape and Diamond’s abuse allegations with Hello Beautiful.

Hello Beautiful: What can we expect from you this season?
Erica Dixon: You can expect to see Erica doing her own thing. You will see my dress line on the show, a new relationship that I was in and how that went. Me and Scrappy trying to be get to a point where we are friends and on one page with parenting Imani.

What was your final breaking point with Scrappy?
The reunion last season. One thing I cherish is my character. I know what standards I hold and for him to try to make me look a certain way because he was getting bashed for things he was doing to himself…Like how are you mad at me and then try to bring me down with you. I don’t like that and I don’t respect you for that. That was the end for me.

If he hadn’t behaved like that on the reunion, would you have given him another chance?
No. There was no rekindling. We were engaged, that’s nothing you play with. We were on the verge of getting married and you still were messing with other women. Are you serious? Why even propose? We have a daughter, this is teaching her it’s OK to play with someone’s heart.

Scrappy’s ex-girlfriend Diamond claimed he was physically abusive, what are your thoughts on her allegations?
I feel like she’s saying that because she needs a little shine and if that’s the case why are you just now speaking about this? This was something you would never speak about at the time so why are speaking out now? Oh you’re on a new reality show. Right…I’m not dumb by a long shot. I get it. The only thing was that I had a problem with was that she said she raised my daughter. [Emani’s] mom and dad have always been there. Period. I was around when he was in a relationship with her. Diamond, you and I both know how that relationship went and things that went on. I could do an interview and put so much out there, but for what? Keep it real. You don’t have to fabricate anything to make yourself look a certain way.

So you think she made up the abuse story?
Yeah. You get into little arguments and spats with your dude, but him just being outright abusive. I’m sorry. I was there before you and after you. Did I miss something?

How has your relationship with Momma Dee’s improved?
I’m not even around enough for her to disrespect me. We’ve seen each other a couple of times and it’s like a “Hi” and “Bye.” Things have been cool. I’ve accepted her for who she is.

What are your thoughts on Mimi’s sex tape?
Just disappointed and I didn’t like it. I think it was a very selfish act. Mimi’s her own person and makes her own decisions and she has to live with them not me. I am just going to support her because know a lot of negativity is going to come behind it. I’m there if she needs me.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 3 premieres on the 5th May at 8/7c on VH1.

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