Erika Girardi Posts Estranged Husband Tom Girardi’s Sexual Texts From His Mistress

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Erika Girardi, Thomas Girardi & his alleged mistress Tricia A Bigelow.

In a week of receipts, first Real Housewives Of Potomac star Monique Samuels coming through with a binder with a tab specially for her nemesis, Gizelle Bryant’s rekindled fake love affair with unholy whore ‘pastor’ Jamal hoe Bryant.

Not to be out done, Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Erika Girardi, 49, in her feelings and probably in a bottle of tequila, posted and deleted alleged texts between her estranged husband, Thomas Girardi, 81, who she recently filed for divorced from. The texts were to and from a California judge by the name of Tricia A Bigelow.

The texts included:

“Miss you babe. Make up sex?”

“Tonight was fantastic. Really. But it would be a whole lot better if I were f*cking you.”

“Please remember Dr Matlock. I can’t believe it. Dr Matlock is already calling me and asking for the check.”
Well duh, he needs payment for his services Trish,

“I can ask my new boyfriend to pay if it’s a problem. He’s got big dough.” Who’s the new boyfriend Trish? You don’t deserve him.

“You control that temper tomorrow on the stand. You are in the right.”
Is Trish the judge in that case, if so, whatever the case is, it should have been a mistrial.

The plastic surgeon Tricia is referencing is Dr Matlock he was on Dr 90210 which aired on the E! Network a few years ago in 2004, before they changed their name to the Kardashian network.

Juicy. But why did you delete the post Erika, stand in your truth hon.

📢 Calling Erin Brockowich, what was your relationship with Thomas when you worked for him, hmmm?

May be this was why Erika patted her puss so much.

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