Erika Girardi Sued For $25M In Husband’s Bankruptcy Case

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Erika Girardi’s mascara

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne has been sued for $25 million by the trustee handling the Girardi Keese bankruptcy case.

Erika was sued for allegedly knowing that her estranged husband Tom Girardi’s firm was paying for her expenses for at least 12 years. Who didn’t know that? Now, the trustee in the bankruptcy case wants her to pay the firm back, per court documents.

The “XXPEN$IVE” singer, 50, was previously accused of using her company, EJ Global, to spend over $25 million from the firm on an American Express bill and glam squad, among other charges. Remember she said it takes $40,000 a month to her her.

“She attempts to create a distinction between handing her money directly versus paying all of her bills directly. The distinction, like her prior motion for reconsideration is meritless. Any payments made for her benefit are her responsibility,” the suit states.

The trustee argued that just because Erika claims she didn’t know about her husband’s financial issues, “it would be a miscarriage of justice if [she] was allowed to simply walk completely free of owing over $25,000,000 to the Estate.”

“Erika signed all of her tax returns, numerous credit card slips, and was well aware of the money she spent on the Debtor’s credit cards and the Debtor’s payment of her personal expenses. Her feigned willful blindness and ostrich approach to these expenditures will do absolutely nothing to limit her liability,” the trustee states.

The trustee argued that “the glam cannot be supported by a sham.”

The trustee wants the court to rule that Jayne needs to pay back the $25 million she allegedly spent plus interest.

Ronald Richards, the trustee’s attorney, said in a statement on Friday that the suit was filed “to provide a come to Jesus moment.”

“The evidence is undeniable. The law firm paid out over $25,000,000 in expenses which were approved and generated by one person, Erika Girardi. We are hopeful that Ms. Girardi comes down the mountain from a place of privilege and obscene wealth and returns some of these expenses so the former clients and creditors of this law firm can mitigate the horrific and unfair losses perpetrated by her husband and others,” the lawyer added.

He concluded while that Erika is not responsible for “the full amount” of debt the firm owes, her paying back the money she allegedly spent would “go a long way in backing up her public claim that the victims should come first.”

Erika’s estranged husband Tom Girardi’s now-disgraced firm owes over $101 million in debt.

Disgraced fraudulent lawyer Thomas Girardi, a shell of his former self.

Erika’s lawyer responded to the suit on Friday, in a statement saying; “Unfortunately, the amended complaint is another example of the trustee and her counsel jumping to conclusions without a full investigation, and bullying and blaming Erika for actions taken by Girardi Keese for which Erika does not have legal liability.”

The lawyer added that the trustee is “overreaching” and will “say and do anything to hurt Erika, despite the law.”

“Erika will defend the case, and we will seek sanctions and all appropriate remedies for the claims brought in bad faith and without any legal merit,” her lawyer said.

Source: Page Six


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