Evelyn Lozada’s YRB Shoot

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Living La Vida Lozada

Here is Evelyn Lozada Johnson’s YRB photo shoot and here’s a snippet of her interview.

YRB: Shaunie O’Neal (Executive Producer) has come under fire for the negative portrayal of women on Basketball Wives. Being a cast member, do you have anything to say in support of Shaunie?
Evelyn: What people need to understand is the fact that Shaunie and I were friends before this entire process. Shaunie tried so hard to find a balance in season one. After all of the controversy, it seems as if now they’re finally hearing her voice. I wouldn’t blame her. I know firsthand that she tried to showcase the good things we did, but it didn’t make the show. If we’re cursing each other out, that’s what is gonna make the show. Unfortunately people always want drama. Shaunie has been trying to find that balance, and I’m sure season five will be much different.

YRB: What insight can you give us into season five?
Evelyn: I don’t know what that cast looks like yet, and I have no idea what’s going to happen, but with all the attention the show has gotten, I think you will see another side.

I’m trying to make mny fifteen minutes last longer than fifteen minutes. I want people to know that I’m a business woman and soon to be an amazing wife. There’s a while other side to Evelyn that the world hasn’t seen.

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I would never say I’ve been portrayed in a bad light because I take responsibility for everything I say and do. I would say the downside is people only get to see one side. We want balance, to see different things. But we are not the ones in control.

YRB: What is the biggest hope for your daughter?
Evelyn: I want Shaniece to graduate with a degree and be focused on her career. I don’t want her to have children anytime soon. I just want her to enjoy her life and do things that I wasn’t able to do being that I had her at 17.

YRB: Where’s your relationship with Jennifer for now?
Evelyn: Jennifer and I spoke after the reunion. I told her that I meant what I said and she wished me a happy Mother’s Day. I don’t wish her anything harm, I wish her only the best. I feel like a lot is going on in both of our lives and we are friends with a lot of mutual people so maybe one day we’ll go out and… you never know.

YRB: Do you feel that there’s pressure on you to really make the marriage work, since you and Chad are both in the public eye?
Evelyn: At first I didn’t, because Chad and I were just doing what we wanted to do. But, when we first got engaged, people were thinking, “It’s fake, she’s only doing it for a show.” But yes, there is a lot of pressure because there’s so much interest. It’s been public since day one. We met on Twitter. Our relationship has never been quiet. There is pressure making sure we focus on each other and we don’t entertain the BS that goes on outside our house, because there are always a million and one stories going on.

YRB: What would you like readers to walk away knowing about you?
Evelyn: I have more to offer than what you see on Basketball Wives. I want people to know that I’m an amazing businesswoman, and I’m soon to be an amazing wife. There’s a whole other side to Evelyn the world hasn’t seen, but stay tuned because you will.


YRB: Do you feel that reality TV and social media are double-edged swords, whereas they give the viewer or follower an untrue sense of what really goes on in these people’s lives?
Evelyn: I’m huge with Twitter and social networking, but it is a double-edged sword. It can be an amazing tool. In a few months, I sold 1.5 million t-shirts through Twitter. I use Twitter to run my business. But you also have those people that use Twitter to create drama. Thank God for the block button.

YRB: First up, let’s talk wedding. What details could you give us about it? What else can we expect to see on Ev & Ocho?
Evelyn: I can’t really say too much because we’re filming, but what I can tell you is I’m wearing a gown designed by Ines DiSanto. Her designs are always sexy, fun and very couture. You’ll get to see a different side of Evelyn and Chad. Especially me, since I was on Basketball Wives, which had a lot of cattiness. With this show, you get to see me with my family, and how Chad and I interact with one another. Our show is a family show with a twist. I’m happy that I get to show a different side of me outside of the drama [Laughs].

YRB: Would you want to have more children?
Evelyn: I don’t know. Right now I’m focused on my career, and that’s it. I don’t think that me having a baby right now would fit into my lifestyle of me working so hard and traveling. I’d want to be there.

Source & to read the entire interview click here: YRB

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