Farrah Abraham moves out of her mother’s home

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Last week Farrah Abraham’s mother Debra expressed disbelief and perhaps even a hint of denial over her daughter’s now infamous sex tape.

via TMZ:

Farrah Abraham’s sex tape has created a fiery rift between her and her mother whom she lives with and now, Farrah’s packing up and moving out.

You’ll recall, Farrah’s mom pretended to be blissfully ignorant of her 21-year-old daughter’s porno telling us Farrah would never star in such a video let alone commission it protesting, “We have religious beliefs.”

Fact is Farrah did it and when it came out that she was the one who masterminded the sex tape (info courtesy of James Deen) mama flipped out. Sources close to Farrah tell us, the two have been arguing tooth and nail ever since so today, Farrah packed up a U-Haul and hit the road.

Sources tell TMZ that since the emergence of the tape, the 21-year-old and her mother Debra have been fighting non-stop, leading to the Abraham matriarch kicking her out.

However, Farrah has claimed that it was her decision to move out of the Nebraska home she shares with her family.

‘After meeting with my counselor today, I’ve packed up everything and I’m not talking to my mom anymore,’ she told TMZ.

‘My mother will never be a good mother to me and it is too hurtful to deal with let alone have my daughter Sophia around it.’

The reality star was seen on Wednesday loading a U-Haul truck with her personal belongings in preparation for the big move. Farrah Abraham says she only hired professional James Deen because she thought of the film like a “wedding video.”

“I personally hired people to do that so it’s like a wedding video,” the Teen Mom star told a TMZ cameraman. “You expect your wedding to be good, not bad, so I think it’s great and nobody else needs to see it.”

“I don’t need to talk negatively about someone because I have nothing good to say,” says Farrah, who’s mom to 4-year-old daughter Sophia. “He should really just get out of the porn industry because things have gotten to his head, he disrespects women and his penis is small.” What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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