Tragic: Father Frantically Texts His Son About Deadly Car Crash To Find Out His Son Was One Of Those Killed

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It was every parent’s worst nightmare come true. Johnathan Leonard, 18, was killed last Monday in a car crash in North Carolina. His father Jeffrey found out about his son’s death after an officer at the scene answered Jonathan’s cell phone. He had twice texted and then called the number to check his son was alright. Kayleigh Campbell, 15, also died in the crash and her brother Denzel Caige Campbell, 17, remains in hospital with serious injuries. Driver Jordan Deal, 16, suffered only minor injuries and has been charged with two counts of misdemeanor death by motor vehicle, carless & reckless driving, seatbelt violation, child restraint violation and limited provisional license violation.

via WFMY NEWS 2:
Careless and Reckless – that’s how state troopers describe the way 16-year-old Jordan Deal was driving the day two of his friends were killed, and another seriously injured.

The North Davidson County High School student is still in the hospital. The accident happened on City Lake Road on Monday.

Jordan was driving his friends Jonathan Leonard, Caige Campbell and Caige’s sister Kayleigh home from school when troopers say he ran off the road, hit several trees and overturned. John, 18, and Kayleigh, 15, were killed and Caige, 17, was seriously hurt. Where are you?”

That was the first text message John Leonard’s father, Jeffrey Leonard, sent him after seeing a bad wreck less than a mile from his house. Three minutes later, another text: “John answer me right now. There has been a very serious car wreck below the church… air care is here now… I want to know it isn’t you.” Several minutes later, Leonard called his son. On the second attempt, a state trooper answered the phone.

That’s how Jeffrey Leonard found out his only child was killed in a car wreck – just three days before Thanksgiving.

Leonard told WFMY News 2’s Morgan Hightower he is still numb.

“It’s like a nightmare you don’t wake up from.”

Pieces of the car John was riding in still lie on the side of City Lake Road. Sitting next to John in the backseat was Kayleigh, who was also killed. Her brother, Caige, was in the front seat.

“I’ve watched Kaleigh and Caige both grown up,” said Bambi Torrence, the best friend of Kayleigh and Caige’s mother.

“She’s holding up, the best she can despite her daughter’s passing. Her son is fighting for his life.”

Torrence says Caige opened his eyes on Tuesday night and is improving however, his injuries are severe and he won’t be able to attend his sister’s or his friend’s funeral this weekend.

“It’s sad,” said Torrence. “[There are] really no words to describe it.”

Neither family is blaming the driver for what happened. They say it was a terrible accident and are asking the public for prayers for all those involved.

  • Johnathan Leonard, 18, was killed last Monday in a car crash in North Carolina

Jordan Deal has been charged with two counts of misdemeanor death by motor vehicle, careless and reckless driving, a seat belt violation, because the 15-year-old passenger was not wearing a seat belt and a limited provisional license violation – because North Carolina law states that 16-year-old drivers cannot have more than one unrelated passenger in their car. He is due in court in January to face the charges against him, which are all misdemeanors.


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