My Five Wives Star Karlie Jessop Gives Birth To Micro Preemie Baby Huck At 25 Weeks Pregnant

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Huck-Jake-Karlie Jessop-Brady-Paulie Williams
Karlie Jessop, the 21-year-old daughter of polygamist Brady Williams, star of My Five Wives, welcomed baby Huck prematurely with her husband Jake on the 29th Oct. She is the daughter of his first wife Paulie, but also has four other ‘mothers’ — Nonie, Rosemary, Rhonda, and Robyn.

Unfortunately, Karlie went into labor just 25 weeks into her pregnancy. Baby Huck weighed 2 pounds 1 ounce, and is known as a micro preemie baby, and was still in the hospital six weeks later.

Karlie says:
“They told me that I would have him that night. There was really no chance of him staying inside of me.”

By her side was her husband Jake, 23, and her parents.

Father Brady recalls:
“I was just heartsick,. I was just standing at the head of the bed just holding Karlie’s hand and just trying to pray and hope for the best. Karlie was obviously really scared. She was scared she was going to die and her baby was going to die. I was just trying to be her dad and support her.”

Huck Jessop-my fives wives
In the time since little Huck was born, the Williams family been unable to visit Karlie as she struggles with seeing her infant son go through risky surgeries or even meet their newest addition.

“Hospital policy is just four visitors besides Jake and I. None of the aunts or uncles except for [my younger sister] Madeline has been able to come in and see him. None of the other moms, just my mom, my dad, and my sister. All of my moms let me know they’re thinking of us and praying for us and they always send their love,” Karlie laments.

The family posted today:
“And the very latest. Today has been a big day for #babyHuck! He got extibated and is now breathing more on his own with the help of Nip-V a different less invasive breathing devise. HE POOPED! This is major for him because of surgery, the morphine he’s been in and not to mention he hasn’t really pooped on his own for the past 2+ weeks! Mom has never been so happy to see poop! Because he pooped they are going to start feeding him again. It will be small at first but it’s a start. SO PROUD of our baby boy!!”

My Five Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

Source: US Magazine

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