Football Wives: Drama and Jealousy

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Football WivesWell, as always, a realtiy series must start off and end off with drama.  These wives have it all, espeically when jealousy is involved.  You’d think the women could just respect each other’s differences and move on.  However, there will always be waives who place themselves at the top of the list, in the middle, at the bottom, and just plain out off the list.

I must say that Pilar seems to be the most classy. She is no new face to reality tv, as she and hubby had a previous reality show, Deon & Pilar.  She doesn’t want to cause trouble, but somehow it seems to follow her.  She should just take her own advise and stay away from the wives; they don’t seem to be fond of her and let’s be straight forward, she’s the only wife with security.  Her husband was wise with his finances and investments.  So,  she has every right to live the glam lifestyle.

Amanda, call her Queen of Bling!  Have mercy, deos she not have enough jewelery for the whole world to divide amongest each other.  She is very well-rounded though.  She manages every part of her family’s lifestyle to the fullest, while also holding onto strong faith.  I think she is a good example of a wife who has her priorities straight.

Chanita. Mm, well I have to say it, she is definitely Mrs. Ghetto.  This wife actually feels as if the wives resolve around her.  She is a bully and has no signs of class.  Seriously who plays golf and gets upset if they are not winning?  Um, she needs to get her morals and communications skills in order.  Everytime I see her open her mouth, all I think of is bull—-.  Yes, you fell out before the fashion show, but why does Pilar have to come visit you if she does not like you?  Isn’t that being fake?  I think she should reconsider the type of people she’d like to hang around; people who are straight up with her or the people who will kiss her behind.

Melani is sort of the quiet wife.  She stays out of confrontation as much as possible.  I respect her ways of reasoning with all of the wives.  She is the wife who’d rather enjoy a peaceful gathering.

Brittany.  She is the only character of the show who is not a wife, yet.  Girlfreinds in the NFL have a 50/50 chance.  Her relationship seems to be bloosoming though.  However, I’m not going to hold my breath.  When I see an actually proposal, then I’ll talk a little more about her character.

Dawn. Yes, the jealous wife.  She has enough problems of her, but she always seems to focus her anger and frustration at Pilar.  Jeaslousy is all I see.  Seriously, Pilar has to be a b—- because she is living the life.  Dawn, focus on you and not what someone else is doing with their life.  Maybe you should stay in church and see where that takes you.

Erin.  She is the careful wife.  She knows that nothing is certain.  So, she takes everyday one day at a time.  I’m sure in the end she will have everything she needs and wants.  People who are mindful of uncertainty always play the game of life smart.

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