Former BBWLA Star Brittish Williams Arrested For 5 Felony Charges

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Brittish Williams

According to former Basketball Wives LA star British Williams was indicted on the 22nd September, with five felony charges of:

  • misuse of a social security number
  • four charges of bank fraud
  • three charges of making false statements to the IRS
  • three charges of wire fraud
  • three charges of aggravated identity theft. 

According to the Indictment, during 2017, Brittish used false social security numbers in order to obtain a number of loans, lines of credit, and other funds from banks and financial institutions. During 2018 and 2019, Brittish deposited four checks ranging in value between $4,500 and $5,800 without the knowledge and authority of the actual checking account holders, into several bank accounts she controlled and then withdrew the funds before those deposited checks were returned to the issuing banks for insufficient funds. 

The Indictment also alleges that she deposited fraudulent checks into bank accounts which she controlled and then withdrew those funds in cash before the fraudulent nature of the checks was discovered. 

In addition, Brittish is charged with submitting false information, including the names and social security numbers of individuals, to the IRS during tax years 2017, 2018, and 2019 falsely claiming that those individuals were her dependents on those submitted tax returns.

Brittish’s lawyer, Jason Korner, said his client “has been targeted because of her celebrity, and I expect that to be clear once the evidence is produced.”

What celebrity do you speak of Jason?


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