Gene Simmons Family Jewels | Season 7, Episode 1 Recap

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The Honeymoon is Over

I have been waiting for this season to start for what seems like a long time. After the last season which ended in Gene and Shannon finally tying the knot. I wondered what will the new season bring us? Well they certainly have been in the press a lot during the off season, and I am hoping that they will show how some of it played out during the next upcoming episodes.

Shannon wants to adopt a baby. What and at this point in her life or is it a publicity stunt? Remember when we all thought last year that the continuing fighting between Gene and Shannon was all to drum up ratings, but turned out their relationship problems were actually true.

This season we will see Gene and Shannon starting out as newlyweds, even though they have been together for 28 years. To me Shannon is a saint, I would have never stayed with Gene the way she did. Don’t get me wrong, I like Gene, he is an amazing business man, good dad, just not the kind of companion I would want to be with.

During therapy at Dr. Ann Wexler’s office, Gene admits that married life is great. Shannon tells Dr Wexler that Gene is acting a lot differently now, but that there is a learning curve for him. The couple discuss their trust issues with the doctor separately and Gene states about being happy and married, but feels like he has a cross to bear. Shannon doesn’t trust him as far as she can throw him. She knows about Gene and his lists and the pictures of women stashed all around the house. At least she thinks they are hidden around the house.

During the couch interviews they discuss the newness of marriage. I love Nick and Sophie; they are well adjusted young adults. You wouldn’t think they would be especially being Gene Simmons kids.

Shannon already is starting to talk about adopting a child. Shannon has been talking about adoption on and off for over 20 years. As I’ve said already, ‘Shannon you are nuts’. At this point in your life you should be enjoying your empty nest and preparing to be the best grandmother out there after me of course. Take this time and travel with Gene and do a ton of charity work.

Shannon explains that she has been thinking about adoption since the kids were in high school. She even asks Dr. Wexler if she should ask Gene about adoption. Shannon explains that she has never felt as valuable as when she is raising and nurturing a child. Dr. Wexler asks Shannon what she thinks Gene’s reaction would be. Shannon is not really sure what he would say.

Shannon invites an adoption agency representative to the house which of course, is a surprise to Gene. Shannon tells Gene that she has a lot of love and time to give a child. That to me is the first sign that she needs a hobby not a baby. She continues to say that she wants to raise another child before hers have babies.

The representative from the adoption agency tells them that you can adopt an older child from the foster care system. The representative from the agency is telling the couple that they would need to go to a training session on how to handle adoption and the foster care system. Gene is not really up for it as the meeting was . My thought is that they can give a huge donation to the foster care group and help with fund raising. Shannon can mentor an older foster care child. Gene seems to be at a point where he is enjoying the empty nest.

Gene cannot digest this adoption thing just yet. It for sure is a lot to think about as it will be life changing. Gene tells Shannon that he thought this would be a new time for them in life. Shannon’s response is that your life is still the same; you are still a rocker and business man. The kids are grown and I have nothing is where Shannon’s head is at. Gene reminds us all he is not against adoption but not sure what he feels at this time. Shannon gets a phone call from the Adoption Agency about a Foster Care training session coming up and Shannon passes at this time on it.

Shannon is out in the garage organizing things and she finds keys. She asks the kids and they don’t know about the keys. She then goes through Gene’s office to see if they fit anything, they don’t. Shannon is taking a walk with her friend telling her the story of the keys. She admits going to the dark side thinking it is something bad. Just ask Gene if the keys are his. You are married now and that does change everything. Go for it Shannon.

Gene and Shannon are using Dr. Wexler a lot this episode to get the ball rolling for this season. Shannon explains to her about the key and how she is wondering if she should be worried about it or not.
Shannon shows the keys to Gene and he says that they look like old keys to old boxes and tells Shannon to sit down. He never thought that he would have this conversation with her and he admits to having a safety deposit box filled with portfolios of girls.

Gene admits to Dr. Wexler that at the beginning of his success the pictures were his high. He never drank or did drugs so pictures were his drug. “The pictures became trophies”. These pictures made Gene feel like he had “raw power”. Dr. Wexler asks why he kept the pictures. Gene responds with if you have ever seen my office it is a “shrine to me”.

Shannon is sorting through clothes to give to a charity like Dress for Success. That is a great charity that helps women get ready with interview clothes as they get ready to reenter the workplace. Very cool. While sorting through the clothes with her sister of course they are talking about the “books” of women Gene still has stashed away and how she doesn’t want this in “her marriage”.

Sophie and Shannon have a discussion about Sophie’s boyfriend Nick, not to be confused with her brother Nick. They talk about how Nick lives 1,000 miles away and she has to go and check in on him every once in a while. Shannon wants to teach Sophie to make better choices than she did. She wants Sophie to be happy and have better communication with the man she ends up making a commitment to. I am sure that we will see more of this couple throughout the season.

At Dr Wexler’s office Shannon says that everyday something in the past keeps coming up even after all these years. The discussion of the pictures in the safe deposit box is continued and thinking about adoption is overwhelming Shannon at this time. “Too much baggage for a child to bear” is Shannon’s thought process for the moment. Shannon explains that she didn’t think that the “items” were so close. Dr. Wexler asks Gene why all the women and his answer is that “they were convenient”. Shannon is shaken by this and says that this was recent and I’m sure that they don’t feel that way. Wow, Shannon feels for these women. It doesn’t get sadder than that in my opinion.

Gene brings breakfast for Shannon and they discuss the keys to the safety deposit box and Gene comes clean and says that they will go to the deposit box and he will give them to her,  to destroy. On a side note here, I find it hard to imagine that Gene Simmons went to the local coffee shop and picked up breakfast, he probably had one of the producers go and get it.

We come to the last scene of this first episode of the new season and Shannon is taking a match to the pictures taken out of the safe deposit box. Do you really want to adopt with Gene still? We end with Shannon stating that “Gene’s willingness to proceed forward is a good start”.

This season should be interesting in the fact that we should travel through the thought process of exactly why Shannon wants to adopt at this point in her life and the ramifications of this to the family. I want to see more of Nick and Sophie this season and what is going on in their lives. Take the ride along with me and keep the conversation going. It should be a good one!

Next Week

Starting Over & The Adoption Plan – Gene and Shannon discuss their adoption plan and help Nick prepare for his future. Shannon fears losing Gene’s support for adoption; and Nick searches for a place to live.

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