Gene Simmons Family Jewels: Gene’s Handicap

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This is the first reality show that I started following which seems like forever ago. I keep tuning in as I really do think that Gene, Shannon, Sophie and Nick are good people with good values. And, they do not fit into the typical Rock and Roll family. In the beginning you really felt that you were there with them in their lives.  As each season goes on, it gets more and more “staged” to me. Keep tuning in though as Shannon and Nick’s quick wit keep me entertained time and time again.  Airing now is Season VI with filming of Season VII going on now.

Gene Simmons Family Jewels – Gene’s Handicap (Orig. Air 12/19/10)

The “couch” talks of this show always entertain me along with the childhood videos. This episode starts out with Gene and Nick talking about “date night”. Gene discusses how date night is important in a relationship. So naturally Gene and Shannon go out and play miniature golf. Gene and Shannon have a fun time, and it’s very evident that they are in love with each other, themselves and the camera. Gene does well and thinks that he is ready for the real golf course. Cue Tommy Thayer, Kiss Guitarist who is running a Charity Golf Celebrity event at Pacific University. Gene attends and raises $15,000 by being auctioned off at the event. Also, Gene and his ego decide to play a real round of golf, he plays with his Manager Doc, and they make a bet. A bet is written down by Doc and put into an envelope only to be opened at the end.  Well funny and staged stuff ensues and at the end, the envelope gets opened and Gene since he lost has to run through the course sprinklers naked with the trophy and make a fool of himself, which he does as only he can do.  Back to the couch talk with Nick doing a priceless take on Gene’s golfing skills by doing the sportscaster rendition complete with graphics. The End.

Gene Simmons Family Jewels – God of Thunder (Orig. Air 12/19/10)

Snoring issues arise in the couch talk with Nick to open this episode. Intertwined family videos of Gene snoring added for the extra laugh.

Gene and Shannon in London for the kiss tour. Camera in hotel bedroom for this to show Gene’s snoring. Wow, he snores worse than my hubby. And that’s bad.  Shannon tries to kill him, I mean the snoring by putting a pillow over his head. Gene says he dreamt that Shannon was trying to snuff him out. 

Back in LA Gene goes to a sleep disorder clinic. Gene will now stay over night in the sleep lab. Gene is saddened that he will be sleeping in the lab alone and that he can’t sleep in his onezie. 

Mean while, Shannon back at home is popping a sleeping pill to get some rest. 

When Gene comes home the next morning, the thing that I noticed the most is that he was wearing my favorite UCONN Husky Denim shirt. I have that shirt and wear it all the time. Thinking to myself, me and Gene Simmons have the same shirt….COOL! 

Gene now has to sleep with a CPAP machine.

Shannon took a sleeping pill for the second night so that Gene’s CPAP machine which is very loud will not keep her awake. The dog doesn’t care, he is sound asleep between them.   

They keep getting up in the morning and the kitchen is a mess and no one owns up to it.  One week later, still mess, 2 weeks later, 3 weeks later and Shannon is noticing that she is gaining weight.  Shannon is sitting eating meatballs from the fridge and wants to know who made them. Again no one owns up. She realizes that the security cameras are in the kitchen so they check them and surprise, Shannon is the one doing all the cooking and making messes. Yes, she is sleep walking and cooking and eating in her sleep, due to the pills.  Of course she is not cleaning up though. No memory of doing things while sleeping.  The camera crew was also filming and didn’t tell her either. Theres the ahh ha moment. And, Gene told her that they had sex in the last four days, and she doesn’t remember.  “Hope I was good” …..The End

While there is no Wives drama in this little A & E show there is enough to keep you coming back for more from the Simmons family. It’s a sweet show to watch and enjoy on Sunday nights while preparing for your week and usually leaves you smiling.

– Pam Dryburgh

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