Giuliana and Bill: Season Finale

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Giuliana and Bill

I can’t believe we are already at the season finale of Giuliana and Bill.  This season has gone by very quickly and has been quite an emotional one to watch. 

This episode picks back up at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago where Giuliana was taken.  Giuliana suffered from severe cramping, losing blood, and 3 liters of fluid in her belly.  Bill explains that when they went in to do the egg retrieval, they did a lot of poking and prodding and sometimes the poking can cause internal bleeding, which in her case happened.  This is what caused her to have internal bleeding and all of the pain and problems.  I have to to give it to both of them for sharing such a private part of their lives.  It takes an incredible amount of courage to share all of these details with your friends and family.  I can’t imagine sharing them with millions, but I am so happy that they are sharing.  I have read comments on blogs of woman also struggling, thanking her for sharing her story.  This week, she even shared pictures from her stay at Northwestern Hospital.   

Three weeks later, Dr. Kaplan visits them at their house.  He tells them the worst part, the retrieval, is over.  He tells them the odds of conceiving are 50-65%.  Giuliana, says she is not sure if she is ready to do the transfer yet.  She says, do I want to do the transfer….no?  Will I do it….yes?  Because I want a baby.  

I think it is very important for Giuliana to speak to a therapist and discuss her infertility and experience with a professional.  I think that Bill could benefit from this as well.  He continually is telling her it is her body and her decision….which I agree with.  But he is still grieving and still has emotions that he should work with. 

This whole season I have been thinking, Bill is so talented and he can decorate my house any time.  I was looking forward to seeing their new house.  I know they were in a hurry towards the end and the wood work and design looks beautiful.  The decorations and furniture is boring……blah, blah, blah.  I feel so let down.  Yes, I know it is just a show, but come on.  I love looking at a house I could never afford!  The kitchen though, I would take anyday. 

Implantation.  She decided to do it, which I think we all knew she would.  This whole scene felt so edited or something with the music and cutting from their parents to Bill and Giuliana and back and forth and the music.  I didn’t understand why their parents were at Dr. Kaplan’s office for their implantation, other than it made for a nice scene?  I am super close with my parents and in laws, but they wouldn’t be there. Love them all, but no.

So…………is she pregnant?  They find out two weeks later that she is not pregnant.  Of course, all of of us true fans, probably knew this.  Bill said, “We can’t base our happiness on whether or not we get pregnant or on one event in our lives.” So true!  I love it, Bill!!  I am going to have to steal this one.  He explains that they are going to explore other options….surrogacy, adoption, etc.  Thanks for a great season Rancic’s.  I am still looking for them in this Windy City we both reside in.  I wish them the best of luck on their journey and hope to hear the news soon that they will be parents!

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