Gloria Govan “I’m Fired For Keeping My Relationship Private I’m Disappointed In VH1”

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As we reported last week, four women from Basketball Wives LA, have reportedly been fired – Malaysia Pargo, Brooke Bailey, Gloria and Laura Govan. Gloria states on this video that she was fired because she didn’t invite VH1 camera’s to her Las Vegas wedding where she eloped with on & off boyfriend/fiance LA Clipper’s Matt Barnes. So VH1 and Shed Media got rid of two of the three wives on the show.

Gloria: “The producers and I weren’t on the same page, from the get go. It’s not really a surprise to me. The way they put it out there, is a little disappointing. It’s a conscious decision not to put my relationship out there. My real life just wasn’t as exciting. We talked from day one, I told them I wasn’t going to put my relationship with Matt out there. They touched a little bit on my reality, with the movie and my cook book coming out. I guess they’re disappointed that I wasn’t going to have Matt on the show. I’m really disappointed in VH1, the way it came out. They’re telling us that we’re not fired, they’ve been sending emails. They want Brooke, who was involved in a physically altercation, my sister who is hilarious on the show. I think that they are telling us we’re not fired, so that we show up to the reunion.”

On Matt’s One Game Suspension:
We had a party for him last night welcoming him to the Clippers and I felt bad because he couldn’t even play for the opening game. I don’t think it was fair to suspend him for one game. I don’t think it was fair for David Stern to suspend him for one game.

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Source: TMZ

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