Gretchen Rossi Talks Proposing To Slade Smiley, Reveals Her Dream Wedding Details

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On her proposing to Slade:
Anyone that knows me knows that I don’t really do anything that’s not outside the box. That’s just how I always have lived my life. I don’t do things that are very traditional. However, I think what really helped me make that decision was last season we saw Slade thinking about proposing to me. I found out and I got cold feet, and I kind of put the kibosh on it. I was concerned because there were some things that I wanted to have worked out before we went down that road. I knew that I wanted to be with this man for the rest of my life.”

As you saw yesterday’s episode Gretchen premiered her song, “The Time Is Now.” Slade Smiley told Us of the emotional song, “It made me cry big time.” Listen to the song below.

On the ring Slade gave her:
“This is my ring! I’m very excited about it. Slade and I actually went and designed it together at Newport Jeweler, which is our family jeweler. What makes this ring really special is that it has a yellow diamond in the middle. I wear the ‘S’ facing me, because it’s the closest thing to my heart.”

The diamond sparkler features a “G” and “S” engraved on the sides.

On her dream wedding:
“We’re talking about visiting a bunch of Italian cities in the fall to pick a location. I have this vision of being in the middle of a beautiful winery with the sun setting and me walking through floral arches. I feel like I’ve shared the last four years of my life with the audience and with Slade. I feel like it would almost be kind of unfair not to allow the audience into this part of my life as well. People want to see the fairytale ending, so I feel like I am obligated to share this special moment in my life on camera.”

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Source: US Weekly, Life & Style

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