Gretchen Rossi Wins $500,000 In Bitter Lawsuit Against Ex-Boyfriend Jay Photoglou

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Real Housewives of Orange County” star Gretchen Rossi has scored a massive payday in the on going lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend Jay Photoglou, who she sued for defamation. A jury just awarded her $500,000.

Gretchen Rossi & Jay Photoglou in happier times

Gretchen sued her ex Jay Photoglou for defamation amongst other things back in 2010, claiming he trashed her in the media. It went back-and-forth forever, but today, a jury decided in Gretchen’s favor awarding her half a mil in damages and $23,250 in punitive damages. Jay got ZERO.

I wonder what Tamra thinks of all this, after all she did believe a total stranger, Jay, rather than her cast mate in season 4? But Gretchen and Tamra are best friends now, so I guess it doesn’t matter now.

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