Happy Holidays From Love & Hip Hop

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Happy Holidays …

Fabolous-Emily Bustamate

Fabolous & Emily Bustamate formerly of LHHNY

Ray J Norwood-Melody Norwood

William ‘Ray J’ Norwood and daughter Melody Norwood – LHHH

Shawne WIlliams-Jessica Chatham-Blessing Williams

Shawne Williams, fiancee Jessica ‘Dime Piece’ Chatman & their daughter Blessing Williams formally of LHHATL

Mariahynn Araujo

Mariahynn Araujo formerly of LHHNY

Faith Evans & Steven 'Stevie J' Jordan - formally LHHATL

Faith Evans & Steven ‘Stevie J’ Jordan – formally LHHATL

Alexis Sky & daughter Alaiya formally of LHHH

Erica Dixon-Emani Richardson-Embrii-Eryss

Erica Dixon, Emani Richardson, Embrii & Eryss formally of LHHATL

Tierra Marí-lhh-xmas

Tierra Mari – LHHH

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