Hollywood Exes | Season 1, Episode 1 – Recap

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Hollywood Exes starts with Andrea Kelly, the ex-wife of R n B star R. Kelly. She doesn’t have a relationship with Robert at all, they have 3 children together. Andrea’s assistant friend is Tony. Andrea decided to leave the children in Chicago until she is settled in LA as she is moving out there and they have finished school. Andrea knows Nicole, Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife. R Kelly sure kept Andrea a secret it was as if she was the side wife. What I want to know and hear about is her talking about Robert peeing on women and the Aaliyah situation. That would be some good entertainment.

Nicole was married to Eddie Murphy for 12 1/2 years, they outgrew each other. Right, what are they shrubbery? She is now engaged to former football player Michael Strahan and won’t set a wedding date. Nichole admits to Sheree that she put her money in a trust account and that her money was depleted. Depleted by whom? She then goes on to say her money was stolen from her. What? We need to get Inspector Gadget on the case, that sounds fishy to me.

Sheree Fletcher was married to Will Smith for 3 years and have been divorced for 17 years. Yes 17 years. They were too young she says. Their relationship now is good. She is remarried to former football player Terrell Fletcher and he is now a pastor in San Diego. She sees him a few times a week. What kind of marriage is that?

Mayte Garcia was married to Prince they met when she was 16 years old, they were married for 4 years and have been divorced for 16 years. She and Prince do not speak. Mayte lives with her mother Nelly, 7 dogs, 2 cats and 2 fish. Mayte was engaged to Tommy Lee and they split, but he didn’t want children. Mayte meets a matchmaker to see if she can find her a man, later in the series, we notice that Mayte had a dinning plate set with Prince’s symbol on them. She should have gotten rid of them a long time ago.

Jessica Canseco was married to Baseball player Jose, they have a daughter who is 15. They have been divorced for 13 years, she owns a medical and cosmetic tattoo company in Los Angeles. Jessica takes Nicole and plans on have a ELVR – laser vaginal rejuvenation. Nicole watches the whole procedure and is amazed. Jose asks to meet Jessica for lunch, she sees him once or twice a year. Jessica was remarried for 4 years but that ended in 2011, but still retains the Conseco name, interesting. Jose wants to move in with Jessica putting on a front for his daughter with two parents in the house. What? He thinks that they can move in together while they both date other people. Is he high?

Nicole invites Andrea out to meet the ladies for dinner. Sheree says grace before dinner, Nicole with her ungodly self jokes that Sheree prays all the time. What is the problem, thank God for your food ladies!

Andrea asks the ladies how do you get past the pain, they told her to focus on the beautiful children he gave her. They then spoke about Jose’s constant cheating. Sheree adds she lost herself in her marriage.

Listening to the ladies chatting while tipsy was hilarious. They miss the men or the lifestyle at least.

Nicole’s body is amazaballs especially after FIVE children! WTH!? This season it appears Sheree puts aside her ‘First Lady’ hat and puts on her don’t mess with me attire. Sheree has been divorced for years and is re-married, Nicole is currently engaged and Mayte and Jessica have been divorced for eons! Couldn’t VH1 have found some current ex-wives at least? They seem to keep mixing up ‘wives’ and ‘exes’.

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