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Hollywood Exes is a docu-series that delves deep into the lives of a group of women who are separated from some of the most famous men in America.

Nicole Murphy, Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife. Keeping up appearances is definitely a high priority for her. Currently engaged to retired professional football player Michael Strahan, Nicole has been busy looking after her 5 kids but with two of those kids already out of the house, she is ready to start focusing more on herself and restarting her modeling career. The big question though is, after two years of being engaged, why hasn’t she set a date yet?



Sheree Fletcher, Will Smith’s ex-wife. Sheree and Will have a son together but since he turned 18, the child support checks have stopped coming in making life a bit less cushy than she’s used to. Remarried to former professional football player-turned-pastor Terrell Fletcher, Sheree is now the First Lady of her new husband’s Multi-Cultural Christian Ministry. Don’t let the religious stuff fool you though. Sheree is NOT afraid of confrontation and if she doesn’t like something, she makes no secret about it.




Jessica Canseco, Jose Canseco’s ex-wife. Newly single, and already ready to mingle. Jessica is the life of the party, lighting up any room she occupies with her drop-dead gorgeous looks and her effervescent personality. Jessica is extremely busy, between running her cosmetic and medical tattooing business in Beverly Hills and raising her fifteen-year-old daughter with Jose. She is currently struggling to be more of a ”mom” and less of a “best friend” to her teen.


Andrea Kelly, R. Kelly’s ex-wife. Andrea is not what you would assume of a Hollywood leading lady with her spitfire personality, she doesn’t hold back from keeping it real. Out of all the ladies, she is the freshest out of her relationship. While she is emotionally raw and still reeling from her divorce, she is ready to move on and begin a new chapter in her life.




Mayte Garci, Prince’s ex-wife. Since her divorce Mayte has remained unmarried, but she desperately wants a child and even ended an engagement with rocker Tommy Lee, who didn’t want to have any more children. Living with her Puerto Rican mother, 7 dogs, 2 cats and 4 birds, there is no shortage of life or comedy in her home, but she won’t be happy until she’s turned her guest room into a baby’s room  and her clock is ticking!


The Real Ex-Wives premieres on June 27th at 9/8c on VH1.

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