Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis | Season 1, Episode 6 – Recap

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This week we are in the Hollywood Hills and the home is owned by Don and Terri Golden and they are having a design dilemma, he wants man cave and she wants frilly. This will be a good job for Jeff and Jenni, a design for the sex’s type project. At least this couple doesn’t seem to have marital problems just design problems. I feel a fun episode coming up.

Jeff really knows how to find them doesn’t he? Terri’s only drug is sugar and it looks like she just swallowed a five pound bag of it. They take a look at the living room and you can see the “mish mash” of items in the room. It does seem funny that after five years of marriage they can tell you which furniture is theirs. Jeff wants to “restrain” Terri and her design taste. “Bad taste is always an issue” Jeff states “and they have really bad taste”. The master bedroom is just a blank space that would be a good choice. The last stop is Don’s office and he states that this is the last space in the house that is completely his and really wants a “man cave” in there.

Terri moving into Don’s space was really challenging for her, and feels that house doesn’t reflect “us”. Jeff feels that they got married but that Don never gave her permission to move in. Excellent point, I like that one Jeff. Don seems the most resistant to change. We will find out during the renovation.

The first morning and they meet in the kitchen for breakfast and Jenni has on the best pair of Hello Kitty pajamas. Jeff tells the couple of his plans and they are going to take on three rooms this week. The three rooms that they initially looked at, the living room the master bedroom and Don’s office. They take a walk through the living room and there are gold ornaments on the fireplace and Jeff says how brave of Terri to put Don’s balls on display. I have to stop drinking coffee while watching this show as I always end up spitting some of it out with laughter over Jeff and Jenni.

The discussion takes place about the renovation and Don is not accepting the changes that the team wants to make. The big problem for this couple is that Don thinks it is his house still. Even after five years of marriage Terri doesn’t feel like it is her house at all. How do you fix that? Jeff will walk us through this. Jeff will make the design so that it works for both. Three rooms in five days, here we go.

Don feels like they are moving as they are clearing out the rooms on day two and Terri says it right, “we are moving, moving on up”. Jeff makes Don rip out the sea foam carpet from the master bedroom as a therapy project to bring him into the plan. Over dinner Don admits that it was like grieving a loss. While having after dinner drinks out on the ‘veranda’ Jeff and Jenni talk about how Terri still feels like it’s not her house and decide that if they get her the baby grand piano she has been dreaming about that would make her feel better.

On day three they are at a furniture store to do some shopping. Don and Terri do not like anything together. Terri doesn’t want to put contemporary furniture in a Spanish home. Our home is contemporary with Tuscan highlights so if we can mix it so can Jeff and do it much better. Zoila appearance alert. She said her “shut up Jeff” and my night is now complete. That evening the Jeff and Jenni slumber party is a barrel of laughs as usual.
Day four – and there is still a lot of work to do. The master bedroom needs more personality and the design is to mix masculine and feminine. Jeff tells the contractor to remove the two arches near the living room. He knows that if he asked to remove them Don wouldn’t agree to it. Good move on Jeff’s part. One of my mantras is it’s easier to forgive than ask for permission. Don goes into the house to see what is going on with the renovation and doesn’t like that the arches are being taken down. I really want to see Don’s reaction and there are so many commercials at this point, driving me crazy. I know it will be an epic reaction. Here it comes I can feel it. More expletives and Don says that he is not happy with it. Don feels that three weeks of work is out the window. Or should we say door. At this point it is time to send the couple away to the hotel so that the team can work in freedom without any watchful eyes.

I always like the last day as the camera just goes through a ton of work and makes it look like it only took a few minutes. Wished the renovations at our house would go that fast. The renovation is going well as the team has more play time in the house. At the hotel Don admits that this whole thing is making him nervous. Terri tells Don that this will now be a reflection of us both. Jeff admits that he couldn’t combine their tastes so he hopes that they will like the design that he came up with.

As usual Jeff is running into a time crunch and is worried that it will not be done, but as we all know, it will get done. Can you believe it Jeff got Terri her baby grand piano. Wow! One last project had to be done and that was to paint the inside of the living room fireplace black. Jenni goes to start spray painting it but is told to stop as the paint will spray all over the rest of the room. They make a tarp to cover the area up and once again the team pulls it off.

Reveal time and Terri and Don walk in….Don looks happy and says “it’s amazing”. The very first thing that Terri noticed was the baby grand piano. The piano is a huge statement piece. The master bedroom is next and it looks so sophisticated. Don and Terri love it and think that it is just perfect. Jeff’s design shows a great balance of masculine and feminine. At last they go into Don’s new office and this is a wow factor also. Don loves the office and feels “reinvigorated”.

All in all this was a mild and easy Interior Therapy tonight, but was pleasant and fun to watch. Terri now feels that it is her home too. Mission accomplished.

Everyone’s favorite couple on Bravo these days is Jeff and Jenni. Feel free to write your comment below and keep the conversation going.

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