Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis | Season 1, Episode 8 – Recap

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This episode we are in Bel Air CA and the couple is Adam and Yvonne. This couple is in a relatively new relationship as they have been dating five months. Adam mistakenly he says five years and already you wonder if that’s a sign to the end and the show hasn’t even gotten started. Yvonne says that Adam is eccentric but fun and its super sexy to her. The couple discusses they want to move in together, but we are told that it is Adam’s house. As we start the home tour there is a stuffed fox in the living room. Don’t you all think that this is a case of this woman wants the money and has decided to put up with him to get it?

Even Jeff before meeting Adam says he must be eccentric as the house in the hills, like living in the trees. Upon entry into the house you see that there is a piece of art that has beading and three luminous man parts on it. I am already laughing out loud. No coffee this week as I knew I would spit it out as in past weeks.

The team checks out the living room, master bedroom and the guest room. Jeff states “Adam is one step from the funny farm”. Adam goes around closing all the open windows as doesn’t want the windows in the house open as it looks messy. Yvonne tells us that her apartment doesn’t have the ability to open the windows and that she wants to open them here to let the air in. As the team looks to the living room Adam tells us he hasn’t purchased a new television in four years as he is knows that they change every three months. Jenni says “if that is not commitment phobic”. Early on we are seeing that this couple is not destined to be together.

Jeff thinks that this couple is weird and that they are doomed. Adam is getting very uncomfortable over Jeff’s questioning his personal and sex life. Jeff was just being Jeff, and as a viewer was thoroughly entertained. In the guest bedroom there is a large robotic puppet which lights up and shakes around and Jenni makes it go round and dances with it. This piece is very strange, yet I think I would have also danced with it. Jenni just loves life and every time she is on our televisions it shows, and you can’t help but feel happy with her.

The design plan is discussed, and yes, there will be a television put in the living room. Have to agree with the plan to take out the tile floors and put in hardwood. The first thing I noticed was that god awful tile. The team will also be doing the kitchen and the master bedroom. Jeff is discussing that this couple shouldn’t be moving in together at this time. Yvonne wants to move in and Adam is pushing her away. Once again we get to the purging, and this week Jeff and Jenni need to purge the kitchen. It’s not a real hoarding situation, however it’s a good time to clean things out and start fresh. As they continue to purge and sort through items in the kitchen and living room I ask what it is about this guy and his “wiener” collection. Jenni and Jeff want to get them all out. Adam tells the camera that he wished he put them away before the team arrives for the renovation as they are just decorations to him.

Jeff is talking to Yvonne alone and he gives her some great advice he tells her that if you’re getting everything you need from this relationship then stay, if not move on. I truly still think that she is in this for the money and Jeff realizes it without saying it out right. Adam has been a bachelor his whole life and no matter how well the friendship is between them, he doesn’t want it to go any farther than that.
Zoila makes her weekly guest appearance and again I smile.

I should talk about the design for a little bit as this is ultimately a design show. Jeff tells us that he wants to use darker colors for this project as there is so much light coming in this house. Jenni is not so sure that Adam trusts their design plan. As Adam and Yvonne are checking out the progress we see that Jenni wore some engagement rings on a chain to show Yvonne and Adam freaked out over it. It was a really funny scene and to put some pressure on Adam about the new relationship. At this point Adam is feeling more pressure so Jenni tells him they are going furniture shopping. As they go over furniture, Jeff shows him some clean line modern pieces that Adam says he wants. Yet he doesn’t like anything that Jeff picks out. Adam keeps reminding everyone that it is HIS house. Jeff says that Adam “doesn’t love any of this furniture, he doesn’t love her”.
Adam tells the camera that “he is a realist” and true you never know how long the relationship will last. Jeff is wondering why “this girl is trying to hold onto this guy”. I agree he surely doesn’t seem like Yvonne’s type.

Off to the hotel and Adam is concerned that the way everything is being rushed to get done that it will not be done right. I can’t believe he thinks that way about Jeff frigging Lewis.

Although this week it really seems it is more about the relationship than other episodes. The Adam guy is very eccentric and the girlfriend Yvonne seems normal as normal goes. At this point Jeff says he understands what Yvonne is going through as he deals with Adam, he wants you here but yet he doesn’t want you here. Remember people, like you could forget its Adam’s house.

On the final day and Jeff is installing an island made for the kitchen area and he now says it is way too big for the space. Then there are stools that go with the island and Jeff hates them and says he never has hated a client more. For Jeff this is a strong statement. I’ve heard him say he is mad at clients, but not so sure I have heard him use the ‘hate’ word.

Reveal time, and for the first time this season, I’m not so sure that the couple is going to like the reveal. You can tell that Jeff is not happy with this remodel as he listened to the client too much and didn’t keep with his design. Adam walked in and he likes it, he really likes it. Adam says “he knows what he is doing” referring to our man Jeff. Oh and they moved the robot into the dining room to give it Adam’s touch.

Yvonne keeps asking that now that the remodel is done can I make it my house. Adam doesn’t answer. The reveal is finally done and nothing happens is what Jeff tells us. Jeff tells us that some couples think that when there is a remodel that it’s going to fix all the relationship problems. That is not true. At the end you know that they go their separate ways, and if you don’t believe that, Adam said to Yvonne as the camera was pulling out the last shot, “Welcome to my new home.”

Does anyone know how the couples and families get picked for this show? The next time Jeff or Jenni are on Watch What Happens Live I will have to submit that question.

Thank you Jeff, Jenni and Zoila for making me smile again this week. Feel free to comment on this blog and keep the conversation going.

Next Week
Design Bully – Jeff clashes with a homeowner in a fiery design battle that could result in Jeff storming off the job.

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