Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis | Season 1, Episode 9 – Recap

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Design Bully

“DE-Gretchenizing the house” is Jeff’s goal this week.

Miracle Mile, CA, Rob and Gretchen are a couple that has been married for 11 years. They introduce us to the house and their oversized furniture. Gretchen explains that she is the “boss” in the house. The design with the over-sized furniture and the kitschy wall hangings must make for a tense living situation. How can they sleep in that mish mash.

Jeff knows this neighborhood and tells us “you gotta make money to live here”. First impression Jeff thinks they are a “nice, smart and funny couple”. The house is very small and the couple has a ton of stuff crammed into it. During the house tour you see it truly is over decorated with ‘large’ furniture. Rob stated it correctly “massive”. Jeff makes one of his great comments; “I think she prefers big things”.

When they all enter the master bedroom you see that it has the “world’s largest bed” is how Rob describes it and continues to say, so large that you need a step stool to get up on it. Jeff tells Gretchen that “she can’t buy anything by herself anymore.” “The bed doesn’t belong in the small room it belongs in a castle.”

The usual dinner discussion takes place in the back yard with Jeff and Jenni. Jeff asks the couple if they are both type ‘A’ personalities and they agree. They agree to the type ‘A’ personality but Rob really seems to be the passive one in the relationship.

Jenni tells Jeff at their after dinner drink that the “design plan is to get rid of everything over-sized except Rob”. Jeff can only help this couple if Gretchen gives Rob more of a voice in the relationship and the house.

During the morning coffee the decision is made to renovate and remodel the living, dining and master bedroom. “The biggest problem is not the house it’s Gretchen.” The main thing with this renovation is getting rid of the over sized furniture and getting Gretchen to let go of some possessions. The team wants to get some of Rob’s personality in this house also. Another challenge here is to get Gretchen to give Rob some free reign in this design.

De-clutter time and away they go. I have to say that Jeff and Jenni get the couples on this show to donate a ton of stuff. Wonder where it goes and if it’s the Salvation Army I would love to know the location and do some second hand shopping.

Jeff is really upset with Gretchen in this episode. He doesn’t like the control freak that Gretchen is. Has Jeff met his match or equal? I haven’t seen Jeff this upset in a very long time. Jeff really is upset that Gretchen doesn’t want to let anything go. Is Jeff’s frustration that she doesn’t realize she is being controlling? Or, maybe Gretchen knows that she is being controlling and that drives him crazy.

Jeff is using a new contractor this episode, this should be interesting, as Jeff doesn’t really like change in his life. Wonder if it this will become some sort of issue this week during the renovation and remodel.

The team spent three hours on purging furniture and personal items and now Gretchen wants to take it all back. At this point Jeff gets extremely frustrated with the situation and Jenni takes him outside to talk it out. Jenni sends Jeff home to relax and regroup and come back tomorrow with a fresh attitude. Jenni steps up as usual to take care of the situation and gets Rob and Gretchen to continue with the purging.

Jeff did regroup and he takes Rob and Gretchen to the furniture store to start the shopping. As the couple go through the furniture store, Gretchen thinks all the furniture that Jeff picks out is too big for the space as a way of trying to get control again. While furniture shopping Jenni tells us that Rob made some excellent choices and they are choices that the team will implement. Rob really fell in love with this one piece; a dining table made out of old wood. It did look nice, but if chosen I hope they pick out different chairs to go with it.

The main change that has been made with this renovation is they took a hall closet and closed it off and then opened it back up in the master bedroom. Even though it seems like a small thing, it will have a major effect on the house. What is surprising is that Rob and Gretchen hadn’t done this already as they were going out into the hall to get their clothes.

As Jeff is talking to the new contractor about the finishing touches he asks about the moldings for the house and this is where I knew there would be a problem. The new contractor went out and bought moldings for the house without checking with Jeff first. A big no, no! And to add more fuel to the fire, the flooring is going to arrive later than scheduled and it will take six hours to put in.

Jeff wants to really get this project done right and on time not only because it’s his job, he wants to prove to Gretchen that it can be done. “This reveal is really important”.

While the construction is still going on, the team decides to do some cleaning and clearing of the kitchen. Zoila has made her entrance for the week and we all smile and think all is right now, we got our Zoila fix. Of course they find mice feces on top of the kitchen cabinets. With all the tension going on this week, Jeff and Jenni get into a fun filled water fight and Jenni says “just another day at the job.” What a job she has.

Water gets shot into the living room and gets the new floor wet the new contractor has a fit and tells Jeff that “he would appreciate a little respect” from him. Jeff has to make an apology again. What is great about Jeff’s apologies are that they are all so patronizing. One of the things I love about Jeff.

Gretchen and Rob are at the hotel for the evening and she tells Rob she is very nervous. Well, Jeff is nervous also on this one. Time will tell.

Jeff’s goal was to downsize the furniture and have the house and in particular the living room flow better. The second goal was to have more of Rob’s design taste in the space. Jeff on the last talk before reveal states “when you’re dealing with someone that controlling, they may not like it as they didn’t pick it”.

Rob and Gretchen love the new design and Gretchen is happy with the scaled down furniture and likes the flow now of the rooms. Rob is extremely happy that they chose to use the dining room table that he picked out.

All the players admitted that this was a long hard week, but they all made it through and it is a success. This episode made you feel good at the end of the day and that is why we all love Jeff and Jenni.
Sad to say that next week is the season finale, but the good news is that Flipping Out will be here before we know it.

Next Week: Comedy Is Not Pretty
Jeff and Jenni provide a design makeover for comic Mark DeCarlo in the Season 1 finale.

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