Jackie Christie’s 8-Month Old Grandson Receives 3rd Degree Burns At The Hands Of His Daycare, Jackie Claims Her Daughter Is Trying To Extort Her

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Jackie Christie-Takari Lee-RW

Jackie Christie & Ta’Kari Christie Lee

Basketball Wives LA star Jackie Christie, just keep digging a deeper grave for herself.

On the season premiere of the newly re-tooled Basketball Wives, Jackie claimed co-star Evelyn Lozada was trying to make her look bad by donating $3,500 to her grandson’s gofund me.

Back in September 2016, then 8-month old, Baby Jaxson Isaacs suffered horrific burns during an accident at his daycare center.

A family member set up the donation account with this message:
“Jaxson is a very happy- go- lucky lil 8 month old baby who was badly burned on his head, neck, and chest while being cared for at a local daycare earlier this week. Due to the extent of his injuries he has to go at least once a week to Harborview M.C. to meet with the children’s burn unit. His mother cannot go to work and doesn’t have enough vacation time to cover the extended leave she will need to provide around the clock care for Jaxson. At this point their family needs assistance to cover the financial hardships that this horrible injury will create in the near future until any legal matters are handled. This includes things such as transportation to and from Seattle each week, some bills, groceries, etc. Any little bit counts and will be greatly appreciated by Kari and her children. If you can’t donate it’s okay, but if you can share this page that would help greatly! Thank you very much.”

Matt Barnes-Evelyn Lozada-gofundme

Kudos to Matt & Evelyn for helping out

NBA star Matt Barnes, estranged husband of former BBWLA Gloria Govan also donated $3,000. Ta’Kari took off work to help look after her son.

Jackie claimed her daughter Ta’Kari Lee, Jaxon’s mother was trying to extort her, see the post below.

Jackie Christie_tweets

Jackie Christie-tweet-slander

Thankfully Ta’Kari managed to raise the necessary funds to help her son.

This pictures are hard to look at.

Jaxson Issacs

Jaxson Issacs

Jaxson Issacs

Jaxson Issacs

According to Ta’Kari Jackie has not helped her at all, and continues to shun her. Ta’Kari’s story has stayed fairly consistent since BBWLA started. Jackie even evicted her daughter and her young children at one time. So Jackie is either drunk when she’s filming and can’t remember or she has some deep seeded hatred for her daughter, the dark skin-ded Ta’Kari. Even her ‘light skin-ded’, daughter Chantel has said that Jackie favors her children with Doug. Chantel has said Jackie was emotionally abusive. Chantel claims that Jackie used to play “the light skinny one” against “the dark overweight one”, which is what Jackie used to call Ta’Kari. Jackie was emotionally abusive and wouldn’t allow “the dark one” to pose in family portraits.
If you read some excerpts from Ta’Kari’s book you would be disgusted with Jackie too.

Takari Lee-IG-post

Takari Lee-fb-post

Takari Lee-fb-post-1

Takari Lee-book

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 10.02.00 PM

Takari Lee_IGJackie told TMZ that Takari has cut her off and never reached out for help. But if Takari had called, she would have been more than willing to help her grandson.

Jackie also says she’s given Takari a lot of money over the years and she should be more than able to cover a $3,000 bill. She feels Takari went public with the money plea to try to embarrass Jackie.


Ta’Kari has sought legal action against the daycare which is in Tacoma, Washington.

According to KIRO7 when Ta’Kari got the phone call from Children of Hope Child Care Center, “I instantly freaked out. I started crying; I fell to the floor,” she said.

Ta’Kari said daycare staff told her Jaxson had reached a cord to the bottle warmer and tugged on it, causing the hot water to spill on him. The bottle warmer sits on top of a mini fridge in the children’s classroom.

There were three children in the room, with two adults present.

“I’m not saying that these people definitely, deliberately did anything, but it could have been a side conversation that they were having that took their attention from what was important. And because of that, me and my child are going to have to suffer for who knows how long.”

Ta’kari said that the center has a separate kitchen and that the bottle warmer should have been kept in there, out of reach of children.

She has sent her two older sons to the center for the past couple of years and said the staff treated them like their own children.

Even if Jackie has an issue with Ta’Kari shouldn’t her grandson’s well being come first? It tragic that Shaunie and Tami are standing by this lunatic instead of doing the right thing.

Takari Lee-book-2

Takari Lee-book-1

Takari Lee-book-3

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Basketball Wives Basketball Wives LA

Basketball Wives Basketball Wives LA

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